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Oklahoma space pioneer’s ashes to take flight

One of Oklahoma’s space pioneers has a chance to return to space ” even after he has passed from this life. Leroy Gordon Cooper Jr. didn’t have to wait for Oklahoma to build its own rocket. Instead, he became one of America’s first seven astronauts back in the dawn of time (called the Sixties). You

Former Oklahoma lineman may live to regret remarks

The only thing funnier than watching Robin Williams on coke is listening to young college students explaining why they strayed from the path of righteousness. Former University of Oklahoma football players Rhett Bomar and J.D. Quinn are back in news these days as they discuss the actions leading to their dismissal from the team last

Former Oklahoma Democratic governor takes on state Republicans

Although former Gov. David Walters said his daughters are fond of saying “Don’t you know who he thinks he used to be?” the audience’s standing ovation at the March 31 Oklahoma County Democratic Party Convention signaled it knew who he “used to be” and who he is today. Walters said the failings of the Republican

Pretending to live green

Sen. James Inhofe caught lots of flack recently for his objections to plans for holding Al Gore’s Live Earth concert on the west side of the U.S. Capitol. The concert, scheduled for July 7, is intended to gain support for the fight against global warming. “There has never been a partisan political event at the

Don’t you love me anymore?

Will Rogers observed that “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.” To watch our own state government in action of late, I expect that Gov. Brad Henry is thinking a lesser-known Rogers aphorism: “There ought to be one day ” just one ” when there is open season on

Purchasing a presidency

The 2008 presidential election is more than a year away and campaigns are already in full swing. The candidates will spend about $1 billion trying to get elected. It’s no coincidence the best-financed candidates have won eight of the last 10 contested primaries. New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada have their primaries or caucuses

Death by lying

Once upon a time, a “straight-shooting” Texas oilman without a single accomplishment to his name decided to run for president as God’s chosen one. Proud of being a C student, and clumsy of speech like Moses, he would nevertheless lead us all to the promised land. He promised to “restore honor and dignity to the

Water is too wet

Stating the obvious is sometimes too obvious, depending on the context. Take Gov. Brad Henry and the battle over the state budget that erupted inside the Capitol during the past week. Henry’s folksy talk and less-than-poetic speechmaking ability are attaining legendary status. The gov’s annoyance recently was inflamed when legislative leaders finalized a budget while

They got the hook up

 This just in: College students like to do it! It’s true, according to a report by The Oklahoma Daily, the student newspaper of the University of Oklahoma. A March 28 article quoted OU students as saying: “It’s true, at parties you see people hooking up all the time” and “So many hook-ups happen between college

Not changing his tune

If Bon Jovi, Snoop Dogg, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Faith Hill wanna sing for global warming, they’re not gonna do it at the U.S. Capitol. At least that’s the tune Sen. James Inhofe seemed to be whistling in Washington, recently. According to a story by, Inhofe is vowing to stall attempts to have

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