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Is Oklahoma’s Idol dating Dallas Cowboys quarterback?

Another day, another Carrie Underwood news flash: Over the oh-so-brief holiday break, Chicken-Fried News was relaxing at home, enjoying our Christmas snacks, picking the pieces of wrapping paper from beneath our gnarled fingernails and enjoying some professional football (the Dallas Cowboys/Philadelphia Eagles matchup), when who should flit across the screen but our own Ms. Underwood!

Oklahoma resolutions

2007 might be the ideal time to create a “MAPS for Oklahoma” program that painlessly generates the revenue we need to make our state a leader. Let’s resolve to replace the income tax with alternative taxes that attract manufacturing jobs and corporate headquarters, and make Oklahoma an economic growth state. If a fraction of a

Lessons from the silly season

Let’s take one last look over the shoulder to examine the smoldering wreckage of the 2006 campaigns. Lessons loom for all of us who watch politics or who try to make a coin or two off of the misery of others that is electoral democracy.   To wit: “The public is smarter that Karl Rove.”

Catastrophe and the crutch

Well, it could have been a lot worse. But for the petulance of Sen. Nancy Riley, Republicans would have the first majority in Oklahoma’s state Senate in history. In the House, the GOP lost one net seat and Rep. Lance Cargill is measuring the drapes in the speaker’s office. Mary Fallin has solidified District 5

Van wilder

It was never a slow news day for Chicken-Fried News when self-proclaimed “Video Vigilante” Brian Bates drove his “Vote Out DA Wes Lane” van around the OklahomaCounty courthouse.   Alas, those days are gone. The Master says he’s retiring his van, according to recent news coverage.   “I’ve given myself a 24-hour gloating period,” Bates

More denial, more dysfunction

When Oklahoma Gazette readers pick up this issue, the results will all be in, and the voters who bother to vote will have spoken. My hunch is that however much the Democrats gain, the country will have taken a sharp turn toward the middle ” helped along by disgusted Republicans and a jilted Christian right.

An open letter to the candidates

Dear candidates: What if I promise to vote for you? Hey, what if I double-dog promise? (OK, some of you; my ballot will limit me to marking the box for just under half of all possible candidates. I didn’t make the rules, you know.)   Anyway, if I promise, will you please stop getting in

Enough, already!

We have become a nation of stupid lawsuits. Any damn fool can sue for anything and often win. Cigarette companies are running commercials against smoking while putting warning labels on cigarette packs that tell you smoking causes cancer, yet people still sue when they ” guess what? ” get cancer from smoking.   The latest

Don’t do polls! They’re addictive

The joy of politics is watching people freak out over polls. Pollsters perform them, the news outlets run them and the activist community freaks out over the results. The advantaged act as if Nostradamus had come from the 16th century with a forecast from his golden tripod. The disadvantaged seek some reason, any reason, for

Counterpoint: Song infested with clich

The lyrics of “Oklahoma Rising,” the state’s centennial anthem, are infested with clichés, insensitive to contributions made by American Indians to the state and filled with hokey banalities that should embarrass anyone who lives here. The lyrics should make Oklahomans extremely suspect about the tone of the official centennial celebration in 2007. Will it be

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