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Command performance

Several recent stories highlight the inefficiency of government and the often tragic results that follow. By April 20, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services had learned about a day care program operator who had hit a child with a flyswatter. Worse, the operator had a history of child care violations.   DHS delayed closing the

Oklahoma State reveals Rudy’s contract demands

As Rudolph Giuliani’s presidential campaign heats up, so does Chicken-Fried News’ irritation at the former New York City mayor’s contract rider. Thanks to OklahomaStateUniversity ” where he spoke in March 2006 ” it’s up for the world to see.   Giuliani won lots of fans nationwide for his handling of Big Apple matters following the

Oklahoma commentators end radio show

The grand experiment of a one-hour political talk radio show is no more. After nearly a year of cracking jokes, the program known as the “Tailgate Political Hour” on station KTLR-AM 890 goes off the air at the end of this week.   Debuting on the five-year anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks,

Police arrest diaper-wearing Tulsa man

Police arrested a man recently after a rash of reports that he had been seen all over the Tulsa area exposing himself and wearing a diaper.   According to the Tulsa World and a Fox television report, the diaper flasher would enter a convenience store, go into the bathroom, then emerge in full regalia, sporting

Pilot utters wrong phrase in Oklahoma airspace

Note to self: When flying into military airspace, perhaps it’s best not to utter the phrase “hostile takeover” and then turn off your radio. That’s what one pilot did June 11 in the friendly skies over Oklahoma, and found himself with a mess of F-16s on his tail.   According to a report on,

Oklahoma meteorologist makes ‘The Daily Show’

With his “Twister” notoriety long behind him, KWTV Channel 9 meteorologist Gary England was thrust back into the national spotlight thanks to a ribbing from Jon Stewart on a June 14 “The Daily Show” segment. (YouTube video)   Stewart made fun of England’s currently airing tornado promo, which depicts a frightened family running for shelter

Vacation, y’all!

In a May 25 editorial, Gov. Brad Henry encouraged readers to “see Oklahoma first” this summer, and soon I will be sending the “Read Y’All” governor an invoice for a replacement keyboard. You see, I spit coffee out of my mouth with such velocity upon reading his comment that my keyboard was forced to find

Legendary OKC radio station changes format

Gremlins have taken over legendary Oklahoma City radio station WKY-AM 930, but the moments leading up to the takeover this week were just as interesting for radio listeners.   WKY has been many things over its long history. It played rock, pop and country while under the ownership of the Oklahoma Publishing Co. When it

Super duper or party pooper?

“Front-loaded.” “First, at all costs.” “Super Tuesday.” “Super-Duper Tuesday.” If you haven’t already heard these buzz words, get ready.   Just eight months from now, on Feb. 5, 2008, the atmosphere will be positively pulsating with media coverage and blog talk of early presidential primary elections being held in more than 20 states, including Oklahoma.

Charged Oklahoma county commissioner’s face hits the Web

Can’t Brent Rinehart ever get a break?   The OklahomaCounty commissioner, who faces felony charges of money laundering and perjury stemming from his 2004 campaign, last week faced another accuser: the Internet.   The Oklahoman reported that several “party pictures” surfaced of Rinehart on a slide show Web site. In one picture, Rinehart is shown

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