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Plan B-ball

Plan A for the proposed Ford Center upgrade is a Tuesday vote to extend Oklahoma City’s 1-cent MAPS for Kids sales tax for a year to fund major improvements and another three months to build a practice facility for a professional basketball team, raising about $120 million.   If the Big League City sales tax

Eyes wide open

I’m proud of us Oklahomans. Like much of the country, we, too, showed up to vote on Feb. 5. Democrats and Republicans alike not only exercised a basic civic responsibility, but also clearly made many comments through our votes about our feelings toward the recent past, our hopes for the future, and what truly is


Don’t you just love it when elected officials see themselves as so much better than the rest of us? The latest example of this is five “lawmakers/breakers” who are too busy to file their income taxes. Republican former Speaker of the House Lance Cargill owned up to the violation by blaming his accountant! It’s always

Pancakes spur Oklahoma City man’s altercation, arrest

What a flap, Jack.   A man was arrested by Oklahoma City police last week after he found his flapjacks lacking, according to a story by KWTV Channel 9.   According to police reports cited by KWTV, Jacob Andrew Laws, 28, was upset about his pancakes and started a breakfast brawl with his wife. The

Oklahoma legislator aims to curb uninsured motorists’ settlements

We at Chicken-Fried News are scratching our heads. The 2008 legislative session has only just begun, and already a voice of reason can be heard from our wise lawmakers at 23rd Street and Lincoln Boulevard.   A House subcommittee recently passed a proposed bill that would limit insurance awards for uninsured motorists, according to The

Oklahoma City’s diet could lead to Taco Bell campaign

Oklahoma City’s attempt to slim its waistline is still making headlines, even after Mayor Mick Cornett’s appearance on “Ellen.”   The Baltimore Sun reports our fearless leader is in talks with Taco Bell executives about potentially co-promoting a so-called “fresco” alternative ” think tomato-based ” as opposed to fixings of guacamole and sour cream.  

Killer weed could extend from Florida to Oklahoma

We haven’t trusted a plant since our childhood days, watching Saturday-afternoon airings of the Sixties sci-fi film “The Day of the Triffids,” and now a new report from Mother Earth News suggests our suspicions may be justified.   An article titled “The Weed from Hell” discusses the “killer” weed known as the tropical soda apple.

Former Oklahoma hoops coach faces phone troubles

Hey, Kelvin Sampson; the phone is ringing. It’s the NCAA.   Less than two years removed from his men’s head basketball coaching duties at the University of Oklahoma, Sampson finds himself in trouble at Indiana University for the same reasons.   Last week, the NCAA released a report listing five major violations against Sampson. The

Primary solution

This column will appear more than a week after Super Tuesday, when Oklahomans voted for president in a closed primary. I am glad my preferred candidate (John McCain) won, if for no other reason than because my position cannot be cited as sour grapes: It would be a wise decision for Oklahoma Republicans to make

University of Oklahoma supporter’s day in court postponed

A court hearing for the man accused of ripping another man’s scrotum has been delayed until March, according to The Oklahoman.   Allen Michael Beckett, a 53-year-old University of Oklahoma fan and church deacon, was charged with aggravated assault and battery, a felony, after a brouhaha at a Henry Hudsons Pub with Brian Thomas, a

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