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Surprise Attack, book by Larry Hancock.  (Mark Hancock)

Surprise Attack by Larry Hancock (Mark Hancock)


In this episode Kory Oswald visits with author Larry Hancock about his new book Surprise Attack: From Pearl Harbor to 9/11 to Benghazi. Mr. Hancock, an Oklahoma native, examines the perils of surprise attacks and addresses what American military officials and politicians do that enable our enemies to successfully attack us. The astounding truth is that many of the “surprise” attacks were not that shocking to former officials, and they could have been avoided. Find out how and why on episode six of In Your Ear.




In episode five of In Your Ear we have the inaugural episode of In Your Mouth, the foodie version of In Your Ear. In this episode hosts Kory Oswald and Oklahoma Gazette food writer Greg Elwell and their guests (Jenny Heinrichs, Rob Crissinger and Brian “Buck” Berlin) take on a pizza taste test challenge.


It was hard work muscling through five pizzas from national chains (not necessarily a foodie concept) to determine which one was the best, the worst and the greasiest. Find out which pizza places we surveyed, which ones won, lost and which one made Crissinger sick.




From left Jenny Heinrichs, Rob Crissinger, Brian “Buck” Berlin and Kory Oswald work on questionnaires for the Pizza taste test challenge. (Greg Elwell)


The pepperoni hot dog pizza from Pizza Hut… (Greg Elwell)


For episode four, Kory Oswald talks with Taylor Vinson and Garett Fisbeck who make up half of the local punk rock band Community Pools. Their music is catchy and their thoughts are unruly. Check it all out on this episode of In Your Ear.




In episode three, Kory Oswald talks about the stand-up scene in Oklahoma with Spencer Hicks, BradChad Porter and Cameron Buchholtz from OKC Comedy.

On this episode host Kory Oswald is in the kitchen with Colin Stringer and Andon Whitehorn of Nani.






All photos by Chris Albers

For In Your Ear’s first episode, host Kory Oswald talks with members from OKC’s hardest working band, Red City Radio.

Members Dallas Tidwell and Garrett Dale visit the studio to discuss how the band is ready to take over the world of rock one show at a time.

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