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Sharia’s Ms. Manners

Steve Finefrock March 21st, 2011

Imagine if all the personal practices and courtesies and odd ticks of our nation’s father, George Washington, were made into mandated behavior for all Americans.

How he held his coffee or teacup: Gotta do it his way! What positions he preferred in sex with Martha: on the list of acceptable, approved behavior for all Americans. Foods he despised would be outlawed for all eternity inside the borders of our nation. Every preference and dislike would define the boundaries of American behavior.
This is the shortest metaphor for what sharia law represents for Muslims. In addition to onerous, excruciating detailed prescriptions and proscriptions in the Quran itself, there are the hadith: stories of Muhammad’s life and practices and pronouncements which are not Allah’s revelations, but seen as pathways to emulating the perfect life of the Prophet himself. Sexual, social, political, philosophical and every other question of everyday life and exalted ambition are said to be prescribed therein.
Do you fear such impositions will come to our fair land? Brace yourself, for we already are getting at least an appetizer of sharia law, if not the main entree itself, in the growing list of politically correct mandates. Trans-fat? Bad fer ya, so ya can’t have it. Salt? Gotta ask for a salt shaker at any restaurant in NYC; not allowed on your table as a routine matter. Happy Meal toys?
While this growing litany of mandates drawn from what otherwise would merely be good manners is not yet sharia, it draws from the same mentality which I dub Hillary’s Razor: Every feature of life which is patently beneficial and enjoyed by any single citizen must be mandated as a “right” for every citizen; and that which the nanny sez is bad must be outlawed, or made reprehensible by any means possible.
Step by baby step, we are reliving what Reagan condemned in Soviets’ society, in which all actions were either prohibited or made mandatory. That was Soviet sharia; today we are creeping toward socialist sharia borne by the nanny named Michelle and her nanny-mate Barack. It’s as if all etiquette urged by Ms. Manners were made into law, and enforced by “incentives” to nudge us toward good living through the chemistry of their compassionate mandates.
Well-watered, manicured lawn? Mandate it for everyone, and of course paid by taxes. Nicely detailed luxury car: If even one person gets it, all must also acquire it.
So many good ideas — so are they all, good ideas. But not the suggestions and exhortations of Ms. Manners’ advice column; no, required by law.
Should you think sharia is a long way away, note that this dietary requirement will soon grow, like kudzu, until it is no longer merely salt shakers on diner tables in NYC, or outlawing of those nasty incandescent light bulbs, or limiting the water volume in our commode tanks.
Ask not for whom the Michelle bell tolls — it tolls for thee, and thine food and auto and clothing and TV programs. The list of letter-words will grow — from the N-word, and C-word, and F-words (we got two, so far) to the full alphabet of sharia prohibitions, by social pressure, or tax mandates, or outright law. In the coming sharia it may be a mandate that we all eat arugula and other preferred dietary items of our own Prophet against profits.
Liberals’ sharia-driven team will spread the wealth, and spread the health, and spread The Word, in concert with growing affiliates who think like Hillary, who demand all good ideas to be mandated “rights” and all bad ideas to be outlawed, or pressured by social aggravations to make it virtually outlawed.
Think about sharia’s shadow every time a new PC pronouncement hits the public discussion. The Invasion of the Liberty Snatchers is already here. No wonder some Oklahomans are dubious about sharia being inculcated in any law, ordinance or regulation. We don’t need no stinkin’ Ms. Muslim Manners in our law books.

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03.21.2011 at 10:23 Reply

If you're trying to back up your racism, you failed. Your letter is so poorly written, I can't even detect an argument, other than salt shakers not being on a table in NYC somehow leads to a Muslim takeover? Whatever, Steve. 


03.21.2011 at 11:04 Reply

This is either the most horiffically religionist/conspiracy theorist/poorly argued piece of claptrap I've ever read in the Gazette or a dazzling example of Poe's Law in action. I've lived in OK long enough to have a disappointing idea which, but, oh, my Godzilla, please let this be satire.


03.21.2011 at 11:51 Reply

Apparently Liberals forcing people to request salt at a restaurant is an example of Sharia law in action, but Conservatives trying to force non-Christians to pray in schools isn't worth mentioning. Weird.


03.22.2011 at 09:04 Reply

WOW!  Just WOW!

I'm not going to waste too much time rebutting someone who is so clearly insane.  But I must say it sure does sound like you'd have no problem with people being forced to go to a Christian church 3 days a week.  And that seems rather F'd up considering the anti fascist rant you just let loose.  

You are clearly a hypocrite.  It's a shame you'll never realize it.

Also, I love how you utilize talking points which have been illustrated by FOX news in just the past 2-3 weeks.  It amuses me because you're the same type of person who refers to liberals as "sheeple", and yet here you are being a good lemming yourself.  Ever hear the one about the pot calling the kettle black?

As for salt...  You are getting upset over nothing.  If you need your salt so badly, then don't eat at a restaurant in NYC.  Odds are you can't afford it anyway.  And the same goes for Trans-fats.  You can still buy them; you can still cook with them. So where is the problem?  Frankly you're the type of person I want to fill up with Trans-fat.  Shortening your life would be doing the world a favor.

Lastly, the incandescent bulb isn't being outlawed, you'll still be able to buy them,  you’ll just have to look a little harder.  BooHoo!  I happen to enjoy cutting my lighting bill by 3/4ths, but if you got that kind of money to burn in this economy, you go right ahead.  Though it's uncompromising people such as yourself who increase our reliance on coal and (the increasingly popular) nuclear energy.  But I guess some people just actively choose to be part of the problem. 


Bravo!  (In case you couldn't tell, that was sarcasam.)



04.19.2011 at 02:54 Reply

Max word count allowed for a "letter to the editor" is supposed to be 400.  This masterpiece is 622!  Maybe the editor leans right.