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Cutting up

Hannah Harder April 27th, 2011

Environmental Protection Agency cuts make me ecstatic! The newest budget cuts slash 16 percent of the EPA operating budget, a greater percentage cut than any other agency. As a biologist, environmental scientist and educator, I hope we get to the full 29 percent proposed.

I love breathing mercury, arsenic and caustic gases. I’m glad my children will have increased opportunities for severe asthma, allergies or cancer. I’m glad for “cheap” energy costing them only the mountains and the integrity of their drinking water.

Glad intestinal or life-threatening diseases are also great possibilities, as the water infrastructure and treatment options are up-to-date and adequately funded and commercial animal operations always dispose of their wastes ethically.

I’m thrilled to appease their tastes for rocket fuel and neurotoxic cocktails, perhaps with a side dish of androgynous fish.

I sleep well knowing that they live in a society where science trumps special interests and people prevail over politics. I hope you, too, will join me in expressing your “gratitude” to your representatives for this world they want to leave our children.

—Hannah Harder

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04.27.2011 at 07:11 Reply


Ironically, when you hear the name “Conservative” you think conservation.  You think of someone who is environmentally prudent, and wants nature to be as unadulterated as it was in the days of Christ.  But we all know that’s not quite true.  What it really refers to is someone who wants things to revert to the way they were at the start of the industrial revolution.  An era when we had unregulated sweatshop labor without mandated safety equipment, zero restrictions on any form of toxins, and unchecked income gleamed from the poorly compensated toiling of the poor.  

And so it goes that in a democracy the death of that democracy comes at the hands of the manipulated masses who have been brainwashed into giving control to corporate entities that only have their own interests at heart.  While the conservatives are busy convincing us that the toxins in our water and air are nominal, we’re the ones who will go bankrupt paying to preserve our lives shortened by these “nominal” threats.  And in an additional insult to injury, those who will profit from our deaths are those who profess to champion our cause.

These are people who drill holes in delicate ecosystems, and tell us nothing is wrong after a 200 million gallon oil spill while turtles and dolphins still wash up on shore covered in Black Death a year after the fact.  These are the same people who take no issue with hydraulically pumping a “proprietary” chemical slurry into wells to release natural gas, an act which has serious consequences including blowouts, water table contamination, and speculated seismic activity. All these people care about is business as usual and profits at the expense of people’s well being, and the sanctity of our environment.  Calling these people “Conservative” is an insult to the word.  Someday the rich generations who can no longer find clean drinking water, or have children riddled with birth defects will reflect on this.  I can only hope they have a good understanding of Karma, because on that day they will know that money cannot save them from what they’ve done to themselves.  Unfortunately until they have that awakening, we’ll be the ones suffering, and they couldn’t care less.