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Discouraging words

Mickey McVay June 1st, 2011

It is interesting to note that liberals would almost be devoid of speech if the words “neocons,” “teabagger,” “fascist,” “Hitler,” “oligarchy,” and “meanspirited” were eliminated from their vocabulary.

—Mickey McVay
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06.01.2011 at 09:19 Reply

And I do so appreciate being called a "Libtard," "Dumbocrat," "Marxist," "Commie," "Pinko," "Bleeding-heart," "Hippie," "Progressive" by your ilk.  The latter of which is ironic, because the name itself implies progress, and that is never a bad thing.


Beware, the ire of judgement goes both ways, Jesus said so.  Matthew 7:3, look it up.


06.02.2011 at 02:42 Reply

add "capitalism" to that list............


06.07.2011 at 06:50 Reply

Mickey McVay seems to be forgetting his own paper trail.  A quick read of his Gazette letters to the editor will find this nugget; While referring to Democrats in an article entitled ‘A Few Racists’ he chooses to call them “Dim-wit-o-crats.”  It would seem to me that someone who doesn’t want people using hate speech should be more mindful of what they get caught uttering. 


What’s that old expression about people in glass houses???