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Letters to the Editor

Get out of 'la la' land

Mickey McVay June 15th, 2011

Two April 27 letters (“No fooling mother nature,” Ron Ferrell; “Cutting up,” Hannah Harder) to Oklahoma Gazette bemoaned fossil fuels and nuclear-generated electricity.

Yes, accidents do happen due to catastrophic events such as the BP blowout in the Gulf and the earthquake in Japan. Whereas human error and a lapse in judgment caused one event, and lack of proper design and planning the other, Mother Nature will heal herself over time.

The oil sands in Canada and oil shale deposits in the Rockies are examples of major oil spills that have been resolved by nature. Japan has built modern cities populated by numerous citizens over the sites of the two atomic bomb blasts that ended World War II.

Total reliance on wind and solar power would be nice in a utopian world. However, reality needs to set in at some point. Both forms of electrical generation are not economically competitive with other electricity-generating processes.

If the wind doesn’t blow, or the sun doesn’t shine, no electricity is generated. Building enough windmills and/or solar panels to supply the U.S. with its electricity needs would be cost-prohibitive, not to mention the ecological damage they would cause. How many expensive windmills and how many square miles of solar panels would be required to be built in eco-sensitive areas?

Both forms of electricity generation are more expensive to maintain as compared to a larger, more efficient, fossil fuel or nuclear plants, and the kilowatts generated are much more expensive to produce.

One writer worries about the fate of his children due to the increasing pollution in our air and water. I submit that our air and water are cleaner now than they were several decades ago. Also, if our environment is so bad, how come our life expectancies are dramatically increasing year by year?

With regard to my children’s and grandchildren’s futures, I am much more concerned about the massive, and ever-increasing debt they will be faced with paying that our government is incurring due to environmental and “feel good” entitlement programs.

I am also extremely concerned about the loss of personal freedom we, and future generations, are experiencing due to the current liberal mind-set.

We need to get out of “la la” land and be pragmatic for a much-needed change!

—Mickey McVay
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06.16.2011 at 12:16 Reply

Mickey would you feel the same about energy policy if your house was built next door to a nuclear power plant?  Keeping in mind that there is no off-site storage, so nuclear waste is held on-site in casks.

Also, how would you feel if you were one of those American's so fortunate to have a fracked well nearby which is leaking natural gas into your tap water?  

Somehow I don't think you'd be too cool with either of those scenarios.  But it's fine as long as it's someone else.  Right?


06.16.2011 at 02:41 Reply

I dare Mickey McVay to visit this link.


It might give him a sickening taste for what a nuclear meltdown can do to future generations.  You cannot look at these mutated and mentally challenged children and sit there and tell me nuclear power is safe.  I think it's McVay who is living in 'la la' land.  My eyes are open!


06.17.2011 at 12:10 Reply

"One writer worries about the fate of his children due to the increasing pollution in our air and water. I submit that our air and water are cleaner now than they were several decades ago. Also, if our environment is so bad, how come our life expectancies are dramatically increasing year by year?"

Your water and air are cleaner now thanks to a government agency called the EPA.  From your tone, I imagine you're the type to hates big government, but it kind of sounds like you are praising it.  I wonder how you'd feel about the water and air if all the regulations governing it were eliminated.

As for life expectancies...  Wouldn't have anything to do with the advances in medicine that we have access to would it?  Despite the World Health Organization ranking the U.S. healthcare system #37 in 2000, that's still rather high when you consider the number of countries it rated.  And I know you're not gonna want to hear it, but we could have been a lot higher on that list if our policies on who lives and dies weren't governed by how much money a patient has.  Now you think I'm blowing smoke up your butt, but I guarantee you if me and Dick Cheney both needed a heart transplant, and we were both compatible with one donor heart, I wouldn't be the one receiving it regardless of the fact that I have 2 insurance providers and am half his age.  That's what's really messed up about our healthcare system.

Can you explain what you consider "feel good" entitlement programs?  Cause I pay into unemployment, social security, and welfare funds.  There is NO reason why I shouldn't have access to those programs if I fall on hard times.  So please, tell me about these "feel good" entitlements that I pay into but am not allowed to have access to.

Was it the Liberal mind-set that crafted the Patriot Act?  I'm not exactly sure what loss of personal freedoms you are referring to, but when I think of lost freedoms, I think Patriot Act!  So, you hate big government, but endorse a policy which increased the police state of our nation because it was crafted by someone with an 'R' in their title.  The whole thing smacks of hypocrisy to me.

Lastly, the debt can be significantly addressed if we'd stop fighting wars that don't have any real agenda.  Bring our boys home, fortify our boarders and stop wasting money overseas.  But I'm not really hearing any of that from you sir, all I hear is it's best to screw over Americans and keep killing Muslims.  

You sir are a true patriot, and a wonderful human being.