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Gazette staff June 29th, 2011

After a cycling accident, director Tom Shadyac (“Ace Ventura,” “Bruce Almighty”) sold everything he owned and dropped out of Hollywood to explore life’s big questions.

The result is the philosophical documentary “I Am,” showing 5:30 and 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 2 p.m. Sunday, at Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 415 Couch. Tickets are $8. Call 236-3100 or visit


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07.04.2011 at 12:04 Reply

I found this documentary to be very uplifting with a very easy to understand message.  That being that cooperation benefts society greater than individual greed.

Shadyac visits with many inspirational figures all over the world.  And while none of them seem to know what he's done with this life up to that point, it's clear they know better what he should have been doing up to that point.  

The director talks about the persistent aquisition of things following is continued success in the film industry, but how the pleasure he got from those aquisitions was fleeting.  In the end, he sells his mansions and fancy cars, only to settle down in a modest home and ride a bike to work.  

This film goes a long way toward illustrating how we attempt to fill voids in our lives with possessions, when the feelings we get from comradery and cooperation are so much more full filling.

When it's done, the viewer is left with this idea that the world could be a great place, if we just gave more of ourselves, instead of asking what we can get for ourselves.  It's a universal truth we've known since birth which has been programmed out of us in lieu of becoming uncompassionate consumers.  Therefore it is the statement of self which gives rise to the films title.  What is wrong with the world?  I am.