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Nom, nom, nom

Well, folks, we did it: We put our minds (or should we say stomachs?) to it, ate hard and have achieved our goals. That’s right: We have the fastest-growing waistlines in the nation!

Gazette staff July 13th, 2011

Let’s all pat each other on the back (fat). (It’s not like we can pat our own back, what with our chubby little arms that are too busy holding chili cheeseburgers. With ranch.)

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So, here are the celebratory facts, according to an article last week on on a CalorieLab study. Since 1995, Oklahoma’s obesity rate has gained a whopping 18 percentage points, moving up the scale from 13 percent obesity to 31 percent obesity. That puts us at No. 7 in the nation for fatties. And if you throw in the overweight, that tips the scales even more, as two-thirds of the state’s population is either overweight or obese.

But, there is still work to be done and calories to be consumed. Our southern brethren (like Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana) are all still wearing bigger pant sizes (in fact, Mississippi is No. 1 with 34.4 percent obese — that’s a whole lot of airplane seat belt extenders).

It is up to all of us to not let this stand. (Although, we’re probably all sitting, amiright?) One way to finally achieve our goal of No. 1 is to chomp down on Denny’s new Midwestern Meat & Potatoes sandwich: a dripping mess of french fries, prime rib, brown gravy and melted cheese on a Cheddar bun. This glorious monstrosity is a featured on the restaurant’s Tour of America menu, and weighs in at 1,025 calories.

We’ll take two, please!

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07.13.2011 at 07:53 Reply

Perhaps this is condemnation of how well Oklahoma has weathered the recession.  If we had less money, we'd probably eat less.  Although one could argue that having less money makes us more prone to buying a bag of chips instead of buying a bag of apples.  

I think the whole situation need a study.  Done at the tax payers expense!  (joking)

As one of the people you are berating with this article it makes me wonder if you'd come off so mean if you too were loosing the battle of the bulge.  I'm the first person to make fun of my weight, as most fat people learn to diffuse negativity by perpetuating it themselves, but I am actually pretty insulted by this satire laden piece.  

Can we lose weight, or course we can.  But the primary too to a person’s weight loss success is having the means and support to lose the weight.  This means that we must have places to exercise, and we need to establish relationships with people who have the same goals.  Combine that with routine, and you get success.  But as we all know, the City is not a pedestrian paradise, and in this economy you’re not going to find a lot of people willing to sign a gym contract.  It’s also hard to meet workout partners who have a strong resolve.  Willpower is something many of us lack.

For the record, I participated in a company weight loss challenge this year, and dropped 49lbs in 2 months!  Now about 3 months later almost all the weight is back.  My motivation was the pool of money riding on the competition, which probably proved that I am a typical capitalistic American.  I will do anything for money.  But once that motivation is gone, I quit dieting and exercising, and the result was obvious.  People need motivation, and the desire to be healthy simply isn’t going to cut it.