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You people are gross.

Gazette staff November 30th, 2011

An innocent, seven-sentence notice we posted at okgazette.com last week was our highest-trafficked article of the month, for four noticeable reasons.

The glorified press release on the local location of chain restaurant Twin Peaks’ “Real Black Friday” costume party featuring the Twin Peaks Girls of Oklahoma busting out of their black lingerie was accompanied by this photo of … two Twin Peaks girls busting out of their black lingerie.

As of press time, 91 of you shared the story on your Facebook walls, so we aim to bring you more non-stories featuring pictures of scantily clad women. 

We shan’t let you down.

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12.01.2011 at 09:23 Reply

I'm sorry, I mistook your BOOBS, BOOBS, BOOBS headline as being related to congress.

I hope you can forgive me, it's an easy mistake to make.