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R.I.P., Wimgo 2007-2011

Staff Reports December 7th, 2011

Wimgo is Wim-gone — or soon will be.

OPUBCO Communications Group's online project is coming to an end, according to OPUBCO employees who asked not to be identified. OPUBCO officials informed Wimgo staffers on Dec. 6 that the company is pulling the plug on the operation, which began in February 2008.

What is Wimgo? The answer has been slippery. A what-is-Wimgo story in The Oklahoman in 2008 called it a “one-stop, full-service, all-inclusive, comprehensive collection of things to do and places to go, served with a side of opinions, photos, video, maps, 'communities of interest' and whatever else develops.”

More recently, wimgo.com defines itself as a “hyper-social search director that connects people through opportunities. Wimgo provides top recommendations from trusted friends and family via deep integration of person, social graphs into a robust local search engine.”

OPUBCO executives did not return Oklahoma Gazette or okcBIZ phone calls seeking comment, but Oklahoman publisher Chris Reen later denied that Wimgo was shutting down. After okgazette.com and okc.biz reported online about Wimgo, the Journal Record quoted Reen that OPUBCO had cut five Wimgo staffers. Those employees, he said, had been focused on developing a national business strategy for Wimgo.

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12.10.2011 at 11:44 Reply

In other news, the Gazette fires its editor and its parent company shuts down a publication. Did the Oklahoman report that?


12.11.2011 at 12:43

What publication did it shut down??


12.12.2011 at 06:32

Did the Gazette fire Rob Collins?  He's still listed in the "Contact Us" section as Editor and Chief, but I've noticed that in the letters section that Letters to the Editor are now to be sent to Rod Lott.

So what's really going on?  This reader wants to know.


12.12.2011 at 02:56

Wow, okay.  It's amazing what a difference a couple hours makes Rob's name is now gone from the Contact Us page.


12.13.2011 at 08:40 Reply

At least when OPUBCO has layoffs and big changes to its business it lets its readers know about it. 

Glass houses. Rocks. All that.