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Nicole Hill May 15th, 2012

Have you ever wondered what James Harden tastes like?

Brad Gregg

Wait, that came out wrong.

After the Oklahoma City Thunder ran roughshod over those poor Mavericks, the team’s become the toast of the town. And with everyone thundering up, it’s only natural that you will be throwing playoff parties or drinking yourself silly at a local alehouse as the team now takes on the Lakers in the NBA Western Conference playoffs.

But it’s not enough just to be thunderstruck. True fans know how to thunder up while throwing bottoms up — it is time to get thunder-drunk (responsibly), people. With the help of Joe Wolf, general manager of McNellie’s, 1100 Classen Drive, we’ve come up with some boozes based on the hometown ballers.

Wolf’s mixtures are based off preexisting shot recipes “spun for the Thunder.” But that needn’t be a limitation. All of these recipes can be made into respectably sized cocktails.

If picking a favorite player is impossible, however, bartender Keith Scott of The Lobby Bar, 4322 N.

Western, covers the bases with a slam drunk, equal-opportunity mix, aptly called Thunderstruck. Or if it’s simple, dignified pleasure you seek, look no further than a Scotch on the Brooks, which the McNellie’s gang said should be “a classic Scotch, any way you like it,” just like one of coach’s ties.


1.5 parts bourbon

.5 part Baranjager

.5 part simple syrup

1 egg white

Scott’s recipe calls for dry shaking the ingredients. Then, shake for several minutes with ice. Double strain into chilled cocktail glass and garnish with an orange peel and blue curaçao. And voila, you’ve got team spirit, yes, you do.

“It’s a new creation,” said The Lobby Bar’s Pie Wall. “Very masculine because all the ballplayers are such strong, powerful players and strong, powerful men.”

Fear the Beard

1 part Captain Morgan spiced rum

1 part Malibu coconut rum

.5 part blue curaçao

.5 part razzmatazz splash of cranberry juice

Harden’s beard is the most famous accessory in the metro, and his libation is just as fashionable, hence the Razzmatazz. Deceptively innocent, this drink might just put hair on your chest.

Kevin Durant
Shannon Cornman

Durantula Bomb

.5 ounce Silver tequila

.5 Ounce blue curaçao

4 Ounces (1/2 a can) Red Bull

KD drops bombs on the court, and thus, this libation is a drop shot. Just

sink the blue tequila mixture — Wolf recommended Patron because it’s smoother — into the Red Bull and face it with the same amount of bravery as opposing ballers. The bomb may sound as intense as Durant’s shooting game, but the taste is much softer. Like it would wear a backpack.

Central perk

1 part Tanqueray

.5 part triple sec

1 part blue curaçao

For the dulcet tones of big man Kendrick Perkins, the drink has to pack a certain amount of intimidation.

“We want something tough,” Wolf said. “Gin’s tough.”

Russell Westbrook
Shannon Cornman



1 part Absolut Mandarin vodka

.5 part triple sec


1 part Malibu rum

Russell Westbrook is the indispensable guard, and this drink combines several palate-pleasing staples. The Sprite softens the mix, apt for softy-at-heart No. 0. No more questions for you, bro.

Power serge

1 part Absolut Mandarin vodka

1 part blue curaçao

Simple and sweet like the Thunder’s Congolese power forward, this straightforward concoction will lower defenses — unlike Serge Ibaka, who led the NBA in blocked shots. The orange-and-blue ingredients may not put you in the starting five, but you’re sure to be the MVP shot taker.

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