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Nitro Circus: The Movie

Wow! Ouch!

Rod Lott November 9th, 2012

Granted only a limited theatrical release this summer, Nitro Circus: The Movie is like Jackass with more athleticism, more engineering know-how, more maturity, more corporate sponsors, and much less testicular trauma.


Sandwiched between a faux-stakes framing device of preparing for its first live show in Las Vegas, ringleader Travis Pasternak and his Nitro Circus crew perform X Games-friendly stunts that must have earned a nod of the helmet from Evel Knievel in heaven.

The guys — and lone woman, Jolene Van Vugt — often defy gravity by jumping ramps in things that shouldn't be jumped: boats, buses, Big Wheels, Jet Skis, wheelchairs, semi-trucks, beverage coolers. Highlights of the filmed frenzy include a human version of Angry Birds on a wakeboarding course, attempting to roll a car more than seven and three-quarter times, and — best of all — jumping from the roof of one Panama City skyscraper to another ... on a tricycle. (Amid six minutes of the bonus features' deleted scenes are shenanigans on Pasternak's backyard wooden roller-coaster track.)

While lacking in humor — at least compared to the Jackass movies — it's fun stuff. Just watching their stunts from the comforts of home, one can feel their pain. To borrow a sentence from one of the crew members, "I feel like I tore my uterus," and it wasn't spoken by Van Vugt.

Channing Tatum and Johnny Knoxville are among those who needlessly sing Nitro Circus' praises, since we witness their might and mettle for 90 minutes. (Steve-O is interviewed in the extras ... for all of about 13 seconds.)

Arc Entertainment's combo pack includes a DVD, a Blu-ray and, to dupe the theatrical release if you've got one suh-weet home setup, a 3-D Blu-ray. —Rod Lott

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11.15.2012 at 09:04 Reply

The trailer you left looks epic!  Nitro Circus: The Movie This guy that works  with me also said that it can’t hold a candle to Jackass as far a humor goes, but I have loved doing tricks on my dirt bike since I was a kid and the stunts they performed look pretty extreme