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The Little Book of the Sea - Lorenz Schröter

None December 13th, 2007



Ever lay awake at night trying to recall who won the 1924 Olympic medal in the 100-meter freestyle swim, how much poison a blue-ringed octopus packs or the true lyrics to "What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor?" Well, matey, saying "ahoy" is "The Little Book of the Sea," your compact guide to all things waterlogged.


This smaller-sized trivia book plays it tongue-in-cheek, even though it's all factual. But that doesn't mean one can't toy with the truth, making sport of it via charts and graphs no one ever would use, or bending type into the shape of ships.


For anyone who enjoys the inconsequential charms of the Ben Schott almanacs, drop anchor in this "Sea." It'll be tough to tear yourself away from all the info immersion.


"”Rod Lott

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