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Veggie love

By Jenny Coon Peterson March 7th, 2009

I'm on day seven of "Jenny no longer eats meat." It's an experiment to see if vegetarianism and I really mix. I have a feeling I'm going to have a breakdown at some point " someone's going to find my unconscious body smeared in ground chuck and surrounded by bacon bits and hot dogs, but for now, I'm not missing my beef shawarma or chicken tacos one bit.

In only one week, I've fallen in love (does that mean I'm easy?) with some veggie options at a few local eateries. The first is the hummus and fattoush at Camilya's Mediterranean Café. The hummus is thick and garlicy, with a nice tang of lemon. It has much more flavor than the bland, watery glop I find at some other Mediterranean places that shall remain nameless. Camilya's is also one of only two spots in the metro (that I know of) that actually serve fattoush, a popular Lebanese salad with cucumber, onion, radish and tomato with bits of toasted pita and lots of other veg goodness.

Before going chicken-free, I was filling up on the chicken salad sandwich at Prairie Thunder Baking Co., but now I'm all about the veggie sandwich. It has roasted red peppers, red onions and greens with ricotta cheese and balsamic vinegar " and it's huge! True to their bakery roots, the bread was amazing. I also sampled a mixed berry crostata that I seriously considered leaving my husband for. I imagined me and MBC having a long and fruitful (ha!) relationship with lots of little berry babies. It was that good.

The one veggie staple I have yet to become friendly with is tofu. The few times I've tried it, I've hated it, but I'm willing to renegotiate. Got any suggestions for vegetarian delicacies of the tofu variety. Or even any other great tips on where to go for veggie delight? Let me know here and I'll try my hardest to check them all out.

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