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Eye where

Shop Good welcomes its new collection of cool-kid glasses

 So here’s a cautionary tale: A few years ago at a particularly exciting Halloween party, I got a wee bit tipsy. And like all melodramatic drunks, I became convinced that if I didn’t remove my contacts before bed, I would go blind/get conjunctivitis/lose my eyes and have to strap on strange Mad-Eye Moody-style gear. My conclusion: Cajole my poor husband into physically plucking out those contacts. I have been a stalwart glasses girl ever since.

It’s not that I’m afraid of contacts. I just really don’t like them and I never want to get into a situation again where I have to ask someone else remove them. I can’t even handle eye drops without a whole bunch of blinking and near-misses.

I’m always on the hunt for fun glasses. And the new collection from Warby Parker that has arrived at Shop Good has me really excited. It must have the good people at Shop Good excited, too, because they’ve planned a welcome party for the new 2011 line.

Tomorrow, Shop Good will debut the new Warby Parker frames, plus have a photobooth from Carl Zoch Photography to celebrate your favorite styles, and cheese and wine courtesy of Forward Foods and Broadway Wine Merchants.

You can order glasses while you’re there; just bring your current prescription. And can I make a suggestion? Go for the monocle. Yes, an m-effing monocle. As Warby Parker describes it, the monocle is perfect for “budding robber barons, post-colonial tyrants and super villains.” I’m all three of those things, so I’ve obviously found my new frame.

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Red Rhone rising

As Grenache planting in the U.S. improves, wine lovers in the metro reap the benefits of French tradition.

Food and Drink Features

Greg Horton
Grenache long has been the dominant grape of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the region in southern France known for producing some of the world’s most complex and subtle wines.
Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Salty lemon

Choc Brewing Co. has released the first Gose available in Oklahoma, and one of only a very few available anywhere.

Food and Drink Features

Greg Horton
Judging by the descriptions of its fans, Gose (pronounced goes-ah) sounds like a lemon-drop martini gone awry. Greg Powell, general manager of TapWerks Ale House, 121 E. Sheridan, said, “It’s like sucking on a lemon with a little salt on it.”
Wednesday, October 12, 2011