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Direct from the beer gardens in Germany comes Oktoberfest, a marathon celebration that inspired a beloved beer style.

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Charles Martin
There are parties, and then there are parties. When Prince Ludwig of Bavaria decided to throw an all-out beer bash following his wedding in 1810, he announced the rager would go on until the last man dropped. This inspired a festival so epic, it kicked off an annual 16-day tradition that survives to this day named Oktoberfest.
Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mike Turek

Mike Turek

A groundbreaking was held recently in Choctaw at the 36-year-old Old Germany where the family-owned restaurant will have a new addition out front.

Co-owner Mike Turek said it will be a German sports bar annex. With good weather, it should be complete before football season.

Maybe a contest to name it: “I want to call it Schnitzengiggle, but maybe …”

Menu highlights: “German pizza, Rueben sliders and much more.”

Hometown:Bad-Soden, Germany."

Wife: “Sammie and a step-daughter, Sierra.”

Met your spouse: “At my Rotary Club at Old Germany.”

People don’t know: “I am a licensed electrical contractor.”

Talent: “I can dance and did Dancing for the Miracle for Children’s Hospital and did the tango, swing, salsa and finished with a Lady Gaga routine to Bad Romance."

Come back as: “I would be remiss to not come back as myself. Each year I take people on a cruise or land tour. We’ve gone to Europe, Napa, Alaska and on June 4th to Vienna.”

Just love: “Nutella.  And also, corn dogs with yellow mustard because of the memories I had while eating my first one when we were taking over a building.”

Nickname: “’Fritz’, which is my middle name.”

Wildest thing in a professional kitchen: “When a military policeman came through our (Old Germany) kitchen looking for bombs with his large German shepherd because a three-star general was dining with us.”

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