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Bite Size: March 28, 2012

Bite Size

Carol Smaglinski
Eat out, help out

Through March, participate in Dine Out, Help Out at participating restaurants.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Restaurant design

Hey, OKC diners: When at a restaurant, what's the first thing you notice about its design? What are some of the best-designed restaurants around the metro?

Here are some of your answers via our Facebook page:

“Red Prime” —Erin Elizabeth Ames

“Well, if it's not in a corrugated aluminum building.” —Joe Nathan Stovall

“Matthew Kenney!” —Samantha Renee Ruble

“Cafe 501 Classen Curve” —Michelle Smith Ponder

“Whether or not you can carry on a conversation. Charleston's is good; Republic is deafening.” —Jeanmarie Nielsen

“Firs thing I notice, where are the TVs and how can I get away from them. Second thing I notice, where is the bar area, and how can I get away from it?” —Red McCall

“Red's Southern Diner has really cool design. Their ceiling fans are old mowers. And one of their booths is a trailer that you can eat in!” —Kristopher Gene Graham

“I like Toby Keith's with their tailgate benches!” —Christina Rivas

"Pho Cuong on Classen will always be my fave and I hope it never stops being turquoise and pink!” —Sarah Morgan

“Lighting. Noise. Comfort. Visual interest.” —Amy Brandley

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Trendy eats

Let's talk trendy. What are the best local restaurants to see and be seen?

Here were some of your answers from Facebook:

Iron Starr!” —Gog Ger

Sushi Bar.” —Craig Kerr

Signature Grill in Edmond. It feels like NYC.” —Stacey Turcotte Burnett

VZD's and Flip's … always have been, always will be. New Orleans Coffee Company Cafe, too.” —James Hawley

Braums.” —Austin Tackett

Sushi Neko.” —Sue Haynes

Zorba's at May and N.W. 59th in OKC. The food is delicious as well, and the service outstanding!” —Douglas Gordon

Zarates in Edmond.” —Teresa Hopkins Gage

Bistro Lorene in Chickasha!” —Lorene Fite Wood

VZD's.” —Derek Higgins

Local, Ludivine and The Diner.” —Quentin Bomgardner

Rococo!” —Amber Kendall

Nic's Grill.” —Sean Rains

Vito's.” —Missy Childs Ward

Pepe's in Norman.” —Will Muir

I think that any place that are at is the place to be and be seen!” —Melissa Bullock-Bianco

Local.” —Sarra Curl

Trattoria II Centro and Saii.” —Kalen Norm Flansburg

Fish City Grill.” —Dee Cope

Mutt's Amazing Hot Dogs! OMG good.” —Ashley Osborn

Bistro Lorene in Chickasha.” —Jennifer JCoop Jenny Totten

Stella!” —Chris McKenna

Greek House in Norman.” —Jan Sperry Astani

Republic!” —Kristen Towler Childers

Cafe Kacao.” —Eric Ellenwood

Travel by Taste on N.W. 49th and MacArthur.” —Jacob Straney

I love Cafe Pranzo!” —Melissa Brumfield

Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant.” —Benjamin A. Pena

La Baguette.” —Brandi & John Heavrin

Toby Keith's, the bomb, food and drinks!” —Sharon Hicks Dean

The Mantel Wine and Bistro in Bricktown!” —Boone Griffin

All about Local in Norman!” —Cody Ponder

"When places become 'places to be seen,' they usually fall off my list. However, my favorite local restaurants are Whispering Pines (Norman), O' Asian Fusion (Norman) and PawPaw's (Chickasha). Local (Norman) may become one, but I need to try them a few more times.” —Jennifer Burnes

Le Waffle House.” —Robert Hamilton

Tried Fuzzy's today in Bricktown. The guac was delicious as well as the chicken taco salad!” —Tempie DeVaughn Farmer

"The McDonald's on 23rd Street.” —Hans Owens

"Cafe 7!” —Kalen Norm Flansburg

"Big Truck Tacos for lunch, Cuppies and Joe for desser!” —Cora Brinkley-Gutel

Ludivine and The Wedge on Western.” —Kristi Rowley

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OKG 7 light eats for the summer

Don't let the heat weigh you down!

OKG7 Dining

Jenn Scott
Your indulgently flavored meal doesn’t have to be a splurge when it comes to counting calories. Besides, with the upcoming heat, fresh and lighter dishes are more appealing. If you’re adding in the greens, don’t assume that means you’ll be opting for blasé.
Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thunder games and food

With the Oklahoma City Thunder ready for Game 1 of the NBA Finals (Go Thunder!!!), we recently posed this question on Facebook: To watch Thunder games on TV, to which local bar or restaurant do you go? And what do you order? We wanna know!

And the people spoke:

“Dan O'Brien's!!! Closest to being at the game ever. Atmosphere is awesome and food is incredible!!! Chicken nachos, mmmm!” —Ashley Osborn

“Twin Peaks. Its refreshing to sit in a non-smoking bar and come home not smelling like an ashtray. Don't Okies know that secondhand cigarette smoke kills!?” —Jeff Jonaitis

“”Belle Isle Brewery … upstairs. Great atmosphere.” —Tempie DeVaughn Farmer

“”Cousins Bar and Grill! And beer.” —Jason Champ

“”Home with Pizza Hut and Bud Light.” —Christina Rivas

"Pizza Hut. They have great food, inexpensive, and tons of TVs!” —Tana Libby

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Parrot talk

Repeat after me: Casa Perico does Okie-Mex right.

Restaurant Reviews

Greg Elwell
What works: Enchiladas, tacos, fajitas … you know, Mexican food.
What needs work: Get rid of those fried guacamole bites.
Tips: Botanos are good, but filling. It’s an appetizer for a group.
Wednesday, July 18, 2012

OKG7 places to get your brew on

Every week, we give you seven OKC-area restaurants to explore.

OKG7 Dining

Jenn Scott
Whether you’re a seasoned bean picker, loose-leaf connoisseur, or just need a quick jolt, caffeine options in the metro are aplenty.
Wednesday, July 18, 2012

OKG7 just-open restaurants to try

Every week, we give you seven OKC-area restaurants to explore.

OKG7 Dining

Jenn Scott

These new spots are worth a try when your appetite strikes. Besides, practice makes perfect.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Indulge in sophisticated Italian cuisine served in elegant, contemporary surroundings.

Restaurant Reviews

Doug Hill
Bellini’s Ristorante & Grill
6305 Waterford Blvd.
What works:
Great service in a charming atmosphere.
What needs work:
One dish’s flavor was subtle to a fault.
The tip:
Go with the daily specials using local, in-season produce.  
Wednesday, August 1, 2012

OKG7 spots to eat between shopping

Every week, we give you seven OKC-area restaurants to explore.

OKG7 Dining

Jenn Scott
With the crush of holiday traffic, driving across town and back while shopping is out of the question. Depending on where in the metro you’re hitting the stores, why not stay put and eat, too?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012