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Instead, I got what amounts to a feature-length commercial for said Shock Labyrinth. Also in 3-D (if you have the proper player), Tormented opens with 10-year-old Daigo (Takeru Shibuya, who acts primarily by blinking) putting a gravely injured rabbit out of its misery, much to the horror of his fellow classmates and his mute older

The 9/11 Connection

As with previous generation-defining tragedies, many can recite where they were or what they were doing when they heard our country was under attack. The carnage, heroism and sadness of that day still linger in the collective memory of America — an event that defined the beginning of a new stratum in the layers of

Turbulent Skies

While the disaster-movie craze of the 1970s and its rebirth in the late 1990s are long behind us, you wouldn’t know it with writer/director Fred Olen Ray’s take, which may as well as have been titled “Turbulence 4.” (Yes, two sequels to “Turbulence” actually got made.) Consider this: An airplane’s maiden flight controlled by new

Soylent Green

Look at its images of a rioting populace fighting against heavily armed authorities, and tell me you can’t see the same on the nightly news. And that’s without touching upon the elephant in the room: its theme of dwindling resources in an exploding population. That’s no longer the stuff we have to stop worrying about

Galaxina / The Crater Lake Monster

“Galaxina” and “The Crater Lake Monster.” Yet here they are, hand in hand, forever preserved in a “Science Fiction Double Feature” from Mill Creek Entertainment. These are the kind of movies I’d never buy separately, but stick them together in one value package, and my Visa card’s already whipped out of the wallet. “Galaxina” was

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