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Uphill battle

Oklahoma Democrats are still in rebuilding mode. An electoral thrashing in 2010 left the party in shambles, and 2014 is a year to try to hold ground and maybe pull off a miracle or two. Outnumbered by Republicans 108- 41 in the Legislature and holding no statewide seats, the best-case scenario for Democrats this year

Mayor candidate Shadid concedes with message of hope and change

Hundreds of supporters gathered at the watch party, held at Oklahoma City Public Farmer’s Market.   “You can win, even in loss,” the Ward 2 Councilman said. “You can lose the battle and win the war, and that’s what’s happening. There is a movement growing in Oklahoma City. There is questioning and a dialogue and

Shadid is ‘We the people’

A conversation between two ordinary people about their community happened next. Mostly, Shadid just listened — patiently. At the end of our conversation, for the very first time in my 50-plus years, I knew a political candidate had listened to what I said. Not only did Shadid win a landmark victory over an opponent that

A Republican for Shadid

I support candidates who are committed to fiscal responsibility. I support candidates who will fight to break the stranglehold lobbyists, political action committees and special interest groups have on our politics. And I support candidates who will stand up for the regular people of Oklahoma City, not just downtown power brokers. On each of these

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