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Special meeting set Wednesday

The meeting will be in the executive conference room on the third of City Hall, 200 N. Walker Ave. Ward 4 Councilman Pete White suggested the ward idea because of the large number of people each councilman represents. All eight councilmen have more than 70,000 residents in each ward. White believes that increasing the wards

Fair trade

White, as the Ward 4 representative, believes extra wards will help the city’s elected officials work more efficiently with their constituents, create smaller geographical areas and bring about a higher level of ethnic and racial diversity. According to White, there are about 72,000 people in each of OKC’s wards. “I tried to make a run

Dexter: The Seventh Season

When we last left our favorite police forensics analyst, Dexter (Michael C. Hall), his lieutenant sister, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), had caught him in the act of doing what he does best: executing serial killers. Spread across four DVDs, these 12 episodes deal mainly with the fallout of having her world come crashing down, with Deb

Dewey decimate

Aka Jesse McDermott, Binns was born in New Mexico, but ended up in Lawton via a baseball scholarship to Cameron University. Although he still lives in Lawton, Oklahoma City is his musical home. “I kind of think of Dewey Binns as kind of a character I’ve created,” he said. “It’s definitely Oklahoma City-based, as far

Different is good

By: Shannon Cornman Just order something weird, OK? Look, I know it is scary going to new places and trying new things. And when you have finite resources, it seems even more important that you really enjoy the food on which you’re spending said resources. But if you never try anything new, you’re never going


Had I been watching it alone, on a dark and stormy night, my neck likely would be sore by the end of it, from making repeated glances behind the couch — you know, just to be safe. It’s 2012’s Insidious: well-built, respectful of viewers’ intelligence and yet genuinely freaky. Ethan Hawke (Daybreakers) plays Ellison Oswalt,

The Right to Love: An American Family

Oklahoma-born, Christian director Cassie Jaye chronicles one gay couple’s struggle for such acceptance in The Right to Love: An American Family. The documentary follows two years in the life of the Leffew family: two professional parents raising two adopted children they love dearly, and who love them back. That the parents happen to be two

It’s a TV-on-DVD summer spectacular!

Breaking Bad: The Complete Fourth Season If Breaking Bad‘s current fifth and final season goes south (not bloody likely), at least season four delivers a climax that could have serves as a satisfying serious closer, were it not renewed. But it was, and no wonder: Bryan Cranston may have the tube’s richest character arc, as

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