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deadCenter Film Festival delivers action-inspiring documentaries

deadCenter Film Festival delivers action-inspiring documentaries

I Stand: The Guardians of the Water follows filmmaker Kyle Kauwika Harris’ time in North Dakota protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

(Cover design Erin DeMoss / Oklahoma Gazette)

Cover Story: The state of women — yes, it’s really as bad as experts claim

“We, as women, are told repeatedly that our experiences aren’t valid, our votes don’t count and we can’t make a difference,” Horn said.

Richard Ray Whitman received equal parts criticism and praise for his Street Chiefs series. | Photo provided

Richard Ray Whitman’s pursuit of art led him to activism

“We were always the subject matter,” Whitman said, “but never behind the camera. That’s where the artist has control; a more self-determined image can be created when you are behind the lens.”

And justice for all

Russ Florence Credit: Mark Hancock “What OCCJ looks like in Oklahoma City might be different than what it looks like in Tulsa, or it might look similar. The central component is the mission, and that’s what we focus on,” said Russ Florence, OCCJ’s chairman-elect. The group has been operating independently in Tulsa since 2005. Prior

Village people

Mary Francis Credit: Mark Hancock Earlier this year, Occupy helped a local store owner stay in business, aided tornado victims in Woodward, initiated a “buy local” campaign, and successfully lobbied Norman city officials to move their tax revenues to a local bank. Occupy Tulsa activist Eli Silva said the group does what it can to

Raise a VOICE

Lance Schmitz Credit: Mark Hancock Founded last winter at a convention that drew more than 1,200 people, Voices Organized in Civic Engagement (VOICE) hopes to get residents focused on what their biggest needs are, and how those can best be achieved at the local and state level. “We hope to get citizens engaged in conversations

Foreign affairs

In her role as vice president of the campus organization Sooners for Israel, Daitch, a Putnam City North graduate, has been instrumental in planning events to raise awareness of issues related to Israel, the Middle East, foreign aid and U.S. politics. “Foreign aid is critical to the U.S.’s ability to maintain alliances, enhance our security

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