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Dorman says he’s an underdog who’s gaining ground

“Just like the NCAA bracket where I see the underdogs are doing very well this year, I think we are going to see the same thing happen on Nov. 4,” said Dorman, referring to the annual NCAA basketball tournament currently in action and the date Oklahomans will vote for governor. “As the election moves toward

The Armstrong Lie

The portion of truth he is telling, he’s doing only because he finally got caught, after a decade of bald-faced denials. Money corrupts, but it can’t buy everything, as Armstrong now knows — but has not yet learned. There exists a huge difference.  No one should be surprised a very famous, very wealthy man got

Body Bags / Assault on Precinct 13

The opener is the best of the bunch, documenting the first — and quite possibly the last — night shift worked by a pretty young college student (Alex Datcher, Passenger 57) at a gas station. She sits locked in the cashier’s booth as a serial killer lurks close. The suspense gets to her as much as

Dotted line

Fallin hasn’t directly opposed the initiative petition drive, but she doesn’t plan to endorse it either, according to her spokesman, Alex Weintz. Instead, the governor has commented that money used for storm shelters will reduce funding for other educational needs. “She’s just trying to inject some form of realism here,” Weintz said. However, storm shelter

The Incredible Melting Man

TIMM (for short) continues his head-ripping rampage, leaving Geiger-equipped Dr. Ted Nelson (Burr DeBenning) to follow the putrid piles of the grubby, brown-red pus he drips everywhere, not to mention the occasional ear or eyeball. Basically, TIMM looks like he is using a Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready as a face mask.  The movie is one of

Detention of the Dead / The Demented

Imagine if zombies invaded The Breakfast Club. That’s literally the setup experienced by your stock-character students of the nerd, the jock, the misfit, the bully, the cheerleader and, so it’s not a total copy of the 1985 John Hughes classic, a wisecracking Asian kid (Justin Chon, 21 & Over) to spout things like, “I gotta


While it’s more fun to watch a movie with other people than by yourself, heavier cinematic fare doesn’t always work so well in a group where most of the viewers are more blockbuster-minded. What’s a serious film buff to do? This dilemma prompted Alex Palmer to create the OKC Film Club, which holds its second


Played by Nate Rubin (Super), Mitch Parker is a wiry little fellow, barely out of high school himself, who substitutes for a high school English class. What he’d really like to do is be a novelist, of course, yet his off-hours are spent in a state of arrested development, playing Dungeons & Dragons with his

In Their Skin

No matter the name, the film focuses on the family — in particular, the Hughes clan, headed by Mark (Joshua Close, The Master) and Mary (Selma Blair, TV’s Anger Management). With their young son (Quinn Lord, The Possession), they head to their country cottage for a little R&R. Shortly upon arrival at night, Mary asks

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