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Justice League: Doom

It’s the latest of DC Universe’s 13 animated features for the PG-13 crowd, following the recent “Batman: Year One,” more-than-decent “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights” and dull “All-Star Superman.” A chalice-carrying lunatic appropriately named Vandal Savage (voiced by Phil Morris) offers members of the Legion of Doom (including Cheetah, Mirror Master and — timely! — Bane)

All-Star Superman

And that’s not the only eyebrow-raiser in the feature, based on Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s revamp of the Man of Steel, as played out in the team’s 2005 comic-book series. For another, Jimmy Olsen appears in drag. There’s more. The film finds Superman (voiced by James Denton of TV’s “Desperate Housewives”) not as invincible

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