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Oklahoma Gazette revisits the best local and national albums of 2017

Oklahoma Gazette revisits the best local and national albums of 2017

Many of 2017’s best listens were deeply personal, bravely diving into aspects of human emotion that some artists dare not approach.

Honey, I quit the band

Divorces can be messy, but married couple Natalie and Ryan Houck’s split from Green Corn Revival to form altcountry act Honeylark was as amicable as possible, with both sides citing the ol’ “irreconcilable differences.” “Ryan and I had been writing our own stuff for a long time,” Natalie Houck said. “You know how artists are:

Black Canyon

Chamberlain appears on three of the seven tracks which combine to tell a Civil War coming-of-age and love story written by Black Canyon front man Jake Morisse. Rich with his guttural twang, elegiac piano arrangements and former Mayola singer Riley Jantzen’s gazillion different instrumental contributions, “Battlefield Darlins” is one of the strongest country-rock offerings this

City folk

Music sometimes makes you do crazy things, like trade the peaceful plains of Kansas for the bustling concrete jungle of Brooklyn, N.Y. That’s what roots-rock band Country Mice frontman Jason Rueger decided to do a few short years ago, making the move from his quiet home of Beattie — population: about 300 — to the

Heavy Years: 2000-2010 — Chris Mills

It’s a straightforward, difficult-to-Google proclamation that belies a wry, self-aware sense of humor and a lack of concern for popular acclaim. “Heavy Years: 2000-2010” is a great introduction to his enthusiastic, acoustic-based, alt-country/rock/pop ballads. His well-developed melodic touch (horns everywhere!) and impressive lyrics show that although Mills knows all the rules, he has more fun

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