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Thunder players remain focused on Memphis as league reviews racist remarks

“We haven’t discussed it as a team, but everybody is pretty knowledgeable of the situation,” Russell Westbrook said following a Monday practice. Sterling, owner of the Clippers since 1981, was caught making racist remarks in an audio recording posted by TMZ and Deadspin. Sterling appears to disparage a female friend for posting photos of herself

Fowl play

  Several U.S. cities including Los Angeles, Dallas and even New York City have zoning in place to allow citizens to keep chickens in their yards. Oklahoma City, however, has so far banned it on properties less than one acre. And don’t even think about getting a rooster. An initiative to allow hens in backyards

Moving music

It may not be a story as old as time, but the trope of Okies wandering to California in search of opportunity goes back at least to the Dust Bowl. And while the paucity of prospects may not have the same harrowing look it did in the 1920s, people still move from windy plains to

Unhung Hero

That poor schmo left kneeling awkwardly is Patrick Moote, a Los Angeles actor/comedian who later found out that his girlfriend wouldn’t accept his marriage proposal for one teeny-tiny reason: his penis. As in, it’s too small.  Until her admission, Moote wasn’t aware of his deficiency, so he instantly joined one of the 2 billion men

Grand theft bravado

Reluctantly, Nathan Williams — the leader of indie rock outfit Wavves — is growing up, and pretty fast, too. Sure, the notorious stoner might have spent a good chunk of this month plopped on the couch, under the influence, playing Grand Theft Auto V, but consider it the reward for a good amount of work

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