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(Cover illustration Christopher Street / Oklahoma Gazette)

Cover Story: HOT HEADS! Local tastebuds yearn for burn

There is such a thing as “too hot,” but that doesn’t stop metro residents from seeking out the city’s spiciest dishes. After showing off his fish tanks, greenhouses and the rows where vegetables will soon begin breaking through the ground, Russell Cox reopened his tiny general store near the gated entrance of Tilapia Garden Farms.

Debating diversity and ward expansion

White, the longest-tenured council member, said he believes the council membership should reflect the city’s population. However, the way ward boundaries are drawn puts minorities at a disadvantage, he said. Three proposals were discussed during a special council meeting Tuesday that included adding two wards, four wards or redrawing boundaries for the current eight wards.

Lucky VII

Shannon Cornman Let’s just get the big question out of the way first. It’s pronounced “Seven.” It’s VII Asian Bistro. And its fare is tempting and unique. I wish I could claim to be an expert in all things Vietnamese. For one thing, I could probably get a pretty sweet job teaching the language and

Flying Fists of Kung Fu / Kickin’ It Shaolin Style

After about the third or fourth film I watched — either 5 Pattern Dragon Claws or 18 Fatal Strikes, I can’t be sure — I noticed how similar the movies were to another. I wasn’t exactly surprised, having digesting so many of these cheap chopsocky efforts over the years, but never in such close proximity. Basically, each

The Guillotines

Not necessarily. The guillotines of The Guillotines are of the shimmering CGI kind, and so obvious as to be cartoons. Still, this Hong Kong pic is at its best when the guillotines spin on their scooped launchers like rabid dogs waiting to be unleashed, then zoom around the place looking for a head to latch

The Tower

Set on Christmas Eve (thereby also making it akin to Die Hard), the film takes place at Tower Sky, a twin-towered luxury apartment building of some 1,700 units and 108 floors. The towers connect via a shivers-inducing “sky bridge” with see-through floor. If that makes your stomach do flip-flops, perhaps it can be settled with

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