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The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue

Co-directors/co-writers/co-producers Mike Bradecich and John LaFlamboy also co-star as the Mugg brothers, slackers who run the crappy abode where a mole man (Justin DiGiacomo) lurks the halls for dogs and cats to consume, before moving up the food chain to humans. Any ingenuity begins and ends with the title; Bradecich and LaFlamboy mug(g) their way

Urban education

“If we’re going to operate as a fully functional 24-hour downtown, we need more than an elementary school. We need a middle school and a high school,” said Russell Claus, city planning director, about John W. Rex Elementary School, under construction at Sheridan and Walker avenues. The $14 million charter school is the result of

Whoa, men

Let the backstabbing and catfighting begin! They come in copious amounts, along with lots of other stuff, in Reduxion Theatre Company’s entertaining, if not particularly compelling, production of the comedy The Women by Clare Boothe Luce.As denizens of New York City’s Park Avenue, the play’s characters can afford to run off on consolation trips to

Thunder rolls

Credit: Brad Gregg The proposed address is 208 Thunder Drive — sorta symbolic of the year (2008) the team relocated from Seattle to the 405. First, Thunder officials must jump through a few bureaucratic hoops before the Oklahoma City Council gets the final say-so. With the issue a likely slam-dunk at the council level, motorists

Owens’ field

Yet, in partnership with the Paseo Arts Association, the Skirvin announced last week that local artist Romy Owens is to be its first artist in residence. As such, she will work and exhibit at the downtown hotel for the next year. Her studio space is already created and accessible from within the Skirvin, open to

Street heat

OKC leaders are undecided about where to put a Bricktown entrance on a planned boulevard downtown. By Clifton Adcock The picture of the boulevard that will replace the former Interstate 40 crosstown route has become a little clearer in recent weeks, as the state Department of Transportation made public presentations on the project. Two features

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