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(Cover by Christopher Street / Oklahoma Gazette)

Cover Story: PLAY BALL! Bricktown Ballpark launched a hitting streak for urban redevelopment

Cover Story: PLAY BALL! Bricktown Ballpark launched a hitting streak for urban redevelopment

“The line I use and nobody has ever contested it is, ‘No city in America has come as far as fast as Oklahoma City,’” said Mayor Mick Cornett. “The ballpark was the beginning.”

Future’s so bright

Imagine for a moment that you’re perched atop a pristine body of water. As you gaze downward, ripples contort the natural world, and all of your tangible surroundings seem strangely elusive and engulfed in fantasy. The other side of that reflection? The world in which Future Islands live. Appearing tonight at Opolis, the Baltimore trio

A real sports animal

Photo: Mark Hancock • he’s thin-skinned;• he’s a big tipper; • he’s hard to work with; • he’s morally sound; • he’s loyal; • he is not a misogynist (“just ridiculous,” he said of that accusation); • he doesn’t care if people like him, only if he’s doing a good job;• he’s emotional and passionate;

‘Bait and switch’

Unless the city has something more to offer than Austin, Texas, or Baltimore or Minneapolis or Phoenix (it’s not direct fights if you’ve traveled recently), recent history says otherwise. New construction has been a deficit producer in some places, and junked the hotel debt rating of Austin and Phoenix. Communication in the 21st century and

Small Sur — Tones

Small Sur sounds nothing like any of these bands. Literally, nothing. They’ll probably never achieve the same level of notoriety, which is very sad. They’ve recorded the most beautiful, lovely slowcore folk music these ears have ever heard, but unfortunately, that particular sub-genre isn’t in high demand among audiences much larger than what could fill

‘Hair’ styles

Inspired by the 1988 film by camp cult icon John Waters, “Hairspray” was reborn in 2002 as a Tony-winning Broadway musical. Following in the footsteps of “The Producers” in an example of Ouroboros-like creative cannibalism, the Broadway adaptation of “Hairspray” was made into a fairly entertaining movie in 2007. Set in 1962 Baltimore, “Hairspray” follows

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