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Toro Y Moi — Underneath the Pine

This is probably why Baths plays piano now, Foxes in Fiction is suddenly a guitar-based songwriter, Neon Indian is collaborating with The Flaming Lips, and Toro Y Moi plays disco/funk. Yep, you heard that right: Toro Y Moi, a pillar of the nascent chillwave scene, has released a sophomore album called “Underneath The Pine” that

The Radio Dept. – Passive Agressive: Singles 2002-2010

Hailing from Sweden, this trio has been around in varying ways since 1995, although things took off for them in 2001. They have the distinction of being predecessors of both sides of the psych-pop resurgence, having released albums both with distorted guitars and fuzzed-out synths. Both sides of the sound are shown in “Passive Aggressive:

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