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Failing forethought

Researchers contend that crushing poverty is more significant than failing public schools or bad teachers. Two years ago, a Stanford University study documented the new “income achievement gap.” The report showed family income is the “biggest determining factor in a student’s academic achievement.” The same year, writer Joanna Barkan published a report in Dissent Magazine

Beast master

Max Ogan — or Maximus, as he likes to be called — is surrounded by giant monsters and giant robots in his Plaza District studio, Bomb Shelter, but he’s not running for cover or summoning twin fairies for help. It’s all part of his latest exhibition, Machines vs. Monsters: Final Wars, his tribute to kaiju,

Battle royale

Photo: Heather Brown Through battleground memorabilia and personal mementos, the summer exhibition at Edmond Historical Society & Museum localizes a Civil War battle’s overwhelming death and destruction. The Legacy of Gettysburg coincides with the historic battle’s 150th anniversary. A museum patron’s private collection supplied approximately 110 pieces from the Battle of Gettysburg, including rifles, swords,

New Zoo revue

3Horse Productions’ Michelle Colbert and Zoo Amp manager Russ Garrett Photo: Mark Hancock Michelle Colbert, president of 3Horse Productions, the new leaseholders, not only wants to allay those fears, but tout all the work that’s been done to make the venue bigger and better than ever. “We’ve done all kinds of great things out here.

Howard stern

OKC Downtown Airpark rendering He made a name for himself as a photographer for the likes of The Allman Brothers Band and Delaney & Bonnie. When the management of the latter refused to pay him, they instead offered him the opportunity to promote a concert for New Riders of the Purple Sage. Pollack accepted and,

Paul Williams: Still Alive

Both documentaries deal with a musician wrongly presumed to be dead; the difference here is that the love comes straight from the director, Stephen Kessler (Vegas Vacation), whose impetus for the project is purely, deeply personal. With all the extra layers removed, I began to feel it, too; his adoration for his subject is infectious.

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