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(Photo: Wendy Mutz / Design: Christopher Street)

Cover Story: Scrooge, a dancing candelabra and snow tubing highlight seasonal events across metro

We’ve made our list and checked it twice so you don’t have to.

Kart tunes

Even when Christian rock’s Stellar Kart decides to cut loose, its four members still wind up seeming pretty wholesome. In between studio albums, they decided to record a short, goofy EP for release this summer. The subject matter? Disney, of course. “We’re all fans of Disney, and I have a 4-year-old daughter that I’ve took

Tetsuo: The Bullet Man

A cold, harsh, industrial orchestra of stylized cyberpunk violence, the Japanese film follows family man Anthony (Eric Bossick) into madness and metal after his young son is run over on purpose by some asshole driver (Tsukamoto). While Anthony’s wife (Akiko Mono, “Samurai Fiction”) grieves, Anthony pledges retribution, evolving into a literal machine, part by part.

Be their guest

The year 1991 was good for yellow dresses. That was when Disney released the film “Beauty and the Beast,” and little girls everywhere began asking not to be a princess, but to be Belle — this once-little girl included. The Academy Award-winning movie spawned the Tony Award-winning Broadway production, one that played for more than

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