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Bright history, vibrant future

 “Everything you would expect to see will be there,” said Shoshana Wasserman, director of communications and cultural tourism for the Native American Cultural and Educational Authority (NACEA). “The last three or four years has been about the funding and not the cultural experience people will have. This (museum) will change the minds of people from

(Soon-to-be) Winning

The Tishomingo resident has traditionally fared well in the CMAs, vying for a fifth straight Female Vocalist of the Year award. Lambert has yet to attain the prestigious Entertainer of the Year prize, though she is nominated in that category as well. Her competition for the top honor? Defending champ Luke Bryan, George Strait …

Hot, stomping country footwear

Cleverly dubbed Miranda by Miranda Lambert, the boot-stompin’ country music star and Tishomingo resident’s footwear is available in select DSW stores and online at dsw.com, as well as select Shoe Dept. stores and shoedept.com. We’re looking at the shoes online right now, and let us tell you, these things are sass-y (So Miranda, right?). Apparently,

Now it’s Blake Shelton’s turn

The church picketed his Oct. 3 concert in Kansas City, Mo., because it believes his marriage to country star Miranda Lambert is adultery; it’s Shelton’s second marriage. Shelton and Lambert live on a farm just outside of Tishomingo — you know, when they’re not busy being famous. Like Gill, who stood up for his marriage,

Drinking Games / From the Head

Not the psychological thriller it pegs itself as being, Drinking Games takes place largely in a college dorm room the night of Snowmageddon, the big party before winter break. Richard (Blake Merriman, who wrote it) is writing a paper and dealing with a family tragedy, whereas his roommate, Shawn (Nick Vergara), wants to use their

What a softy

Credit: Brad Gregg Yeah, he’s worth millions. Yeah, he’s dating Kate Upton, one of the hottest women on the planet. Yeah, he does funny commercials. But still! Did you know his fellow NBA brethren think he’s “soft”? That’s, like, the worst thing you can say to a guy who’s 6-foot-10-inches tall and rocks rims for

Electra Glide in Blue

That Guercio never made another movie is a shame, because so much of Electra Glide in Blue — an opening shot of the highway cutting through the Arizona desert, the introduction of the motorcycle-cop protagonist in full uniform, the haunting final minutes — reveal a keen eye for composition. Two years away from TV’s Baretta,

Cherry Tree Lane

Likely, that film opens with an unspeakable act that calls for retribution, and ends with said retribution being achieved. And in the middle are cat-and-mouse games and close calls and rounds of table-turning to keep conflict chugging. Cherry Tree Lane, however, removes that midsection, condensing the story to assumedly real time. In between its bookends,

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