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Buddy system

During an American Hockey League meeting in which teams shared ideas and best practices, Stacie Rathbun, sales support coordinator for the Barons, learned about San Antonio Rampage’s similar project at a local childrens’ treatment center. “It was just like, we have to do this,” said Rathbun. The Barons and Rathbun (who championed the project) felt

Heeeere’s Johnnie’s corpses

“Just trying to scare people, that’s what I like to do,” Mullins told News9, and then laughed. It worked. Neighbors called 911, and the police and fire departments responded. So far, News9 reports, nobody has broken any laws. In fact, Mullins has added another corpse. They will rest where they rest until after Halloween, Mullins

Fright Night 2: New Blood

Charley (the unappealing Will Payne) and his pal Evil Ed (the even more unappealing Chris Waller) take a class trip to Romania, where low budgets for such sequels go far. Says Charley will all the enthusiasm he can muster, “So … Romania, huh?,” and viewers may agree.  But then our show’s vampire, college professor Gerri

Blood Runs Cold

In this Swedish take on the all-American slasher film, Winona (newcomer Hanna Oldenburg) seeks refuge from stress at a vacation home, only to find more of it. Part of that is because she runs into her ex-boyfriend, Rick (Patrick Saxe, also making a feature debut), amid all the wintry conditions, but most of it is

Kanye West — Yeezus

Ego alone isn’t what makes Mr. West such a fascinating figure; any other schmo with a head his size would be scoffed and discarded as parody. There’s actually a certain degree of legitimacy that keeps his maniacal sense of self-importance from devolving into full-scale megalomania: that Kanye’s vision and production chops are currently unmatched in

The Collection

Those who haven’t seen the original film are urged to do so before diving into this sequel. It begins where its predecessor ended, and try as the opening credits might, they fail to adequately acclimate any newcomers, who may be lost. Not that the new film is deep or complex. It does, however, work best

Nobody Gets Out Alive

Good movies, regardless of classification, are going to come from those are filmmakers vs. fans. The current wave from the latter leaves a lot to be desired, as they approach projects from a narrow-focus angle that eschews objectivity and regurgitates a mishmash of titles they’ve seen without adding anything new. Recent offenders include Mimesis and

The Thompsons

Personally, I went in to The Thompsons relatively cold, having heard of its big brother, but never having caught up with it. In doing so, I felt like I had jumped onto a sitcom in its second or third week: I could immediately get into its groove without knowing the backgrounds of the players. All

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