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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Touchstone Pictures / Provided)

420: Do nothing this holiday with the help of these fun films

420: Do nothing this holiday with the help of these fun films

Celebrate 420 with chill, low-key films that steer clear of obvious stoner flicks.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Don’t worry: The characters still drop a ton of F-bombs. Troubles begin when fresh high school graduate Jesse (newcomer Andrew Jacobs) notices odd goings-on in the unit below, occupied by a woman who fellow residents believe to be a witch. That would explain the nude rituals … and the murder of Jesse’s classmate. After poking


(1977) William Friedkin spends a lot of time in his 2013 memoir discussing why Sorcerer didn’t click with critics and audiences even though he believes it to be better than his previous film, The Exorcist. Now that Warner Home Video has reissued Sorcerer on Blu-ray, we can see what Friedkin’s fuss is all about. A

No Holds Barred

No Holds Barred is nothing if not a spectacle. But really, isn’t the couch the ideal setting for the WWE armchair athlete to watch? The answer must be “yes,” since No Holds Barred tanked in theaters, along with Hulk Hogan’s hopes for a big-screen career. A cult following has failed to build around the movie

Knights of Badassdom

Too bad, because it starts quite well, as ambition-less auto mechanic Joe (Ryan Kwanten, TV’s True Blood) is dumped by his too-good-for-him girlfriend. To pick Joe up out of his doldrums, his housemates and best buds (played by Dallas Buyers Club‘s Steve Zahn and Peter Dinklage of TV’s Game of Thrones) get him high and

Confession of Murder

Du-sok can do this without worry of imprisonment because, unlike these United States, the statute of limitations has run out. He’s a free man even after taking credit for most heinous deeds. Naturally, that irritates the case’s lead detective, Lt. Choi (Jung Jae-Young), whose run-in with the killer a decade ago left the policeman with

Iron Sky: Director’s Cut

The Nazis mistake the landing as a prelude to an invasion, so the Third Reich prepares to strike the earth before the earth can strike it. Iron Sky has all the makings of a big batch of poor taste. Instead, it’s an inspired goof of a spoof that bridges the worlds of highbrow and lowbrow

The Swimmer

At once allegorical and existential, Frank Perry’s film follows tan-and-tone Ned Merrill (Lancaster, Field of Dreams) as he embarks on a countywide trip home via the swimming pools of his upturned-nosed neighbors. As he dips from lavish house to lavish house, visiting friends and lovers past and present, we learn more and more about Ned’s

The Wolf of Wall Street

As he did with the mob in 1990’s Goodfellas and with the gambling world in 1995’s Casino, Scorsese again grants us an epic peek at another world’s process; in this case, Wall Street’s repeated fleecing of Main Street. It’s yet another Scorsese masterpiece. Leonardo DiCaprio never has been better — and that’s really saying something

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