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Roy Clark talks about his exhibit at the American Banjo Museum, Thursday, April 6, 2017.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Roy Clark reflects on his career while opening his new American Banjo Museum exhibit

Roy Clark reflects on his career while opening his new American Banjo Museum exhibit

Country music icon Roy Clark welcomes his American Banjo Museum exhibit with a concert and an interview.

Call Me Bwana

Its flimsiest of plots posits that a moon probe has accidentally crash-landed among the dangerous Ekele tribe in Africa, and the Americans need to nab it before it falls into the hands of another nation. The U.S. government calls upon Matthew Merriwether (Hope), a published expert on the continent who claims to have shaken hands

Advance to the Rear / Don’t Go Near the Water / The Honeymoon Machine

The subgenre of lazy-day laffers used to be standard-issue Tinseltown fare, as three new, made-on-demand releases from Warner Archive show. From 1964, “Advance to the Rear” is a Civil War comedy starring the legendary Glenn Ford (“Superman: The Movie”) as Jared Heath, captain to a Union army of misfits who get in trouble for retreating

The Bob Hope Collection: Volume 2

Since I was born in 1971, the Hollywood legend wasn’t known to me for anything but Texaco commercials, cameos in “The Muppet Movie” and “Spies Like Us,” and dreadful NBC specials alongside the likes of Brooke Shields and Ann Jillian. But recently, seeing him in the ’60s suburban satire “Bachelor in Paradise” opened my eyes

Bachelor in Paradise

When Hank Mancini seemingly provided every score. When “salad olives” could be featured on an endcap in a grocery store scene, and they wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. When a 58-year-old Bob Hope could romantically pursue a 40-year-old Lana Turner, and the age difference didn’t come off creepy. We’re talking “Bachelor in Paradise,”

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