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The old OKC Municipal Courts, across the street from new construction.  mh

Municipal court reforms protect the poor from undue punishment

Municipal court reforms protect the poor from undue punishment

The marshal assist program allows the municipal court to work with offenders to pay their fines without imprisonment.

Georgie Rasco, executive director of The Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma, poses for a photo, Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Neighborhood improvement projects could be listed in a 2017 bond proposal

“No one knows more about the neighborhoods than the citizens,” said Kristy Yager, City of Oklahoma City public information director.

Rule Britannia

Even if you’re not a gambler — or “gamer,” as the industry prefers — visiting is a lively experience. It’s not a James Bond-style casino with people in tuxedos and evening gowns, but on any given day, you will discover a highly diverse set of patrons. The enormous place is well-lit and clean, with well-appointed

Nowhere to hide

State Rep. Joe Dorman (D-Rush Springs) said the statewide figure demonstrates a greater problem because more than half a million students and teachers are without adequate protection from tornadoes. “It’s shocking how many school districts are without shelters,” he said at a meeting last week, highlighting a report released the week of Sept. 23. “I

Seeking shelters

Their wish is that storm shelters had been in place four months earlier as a powerful EF-5 tornado swept through southwest Oklahoma City and Moore, killing 47 people, including seven students at Plaza Towers Elementary. Among the students who perished were their sons — Nicolas McCabe, 8; Kyle Davis, 8; and Christopher Legg, 9. With

The Tarzan Collection Starring Jock Mahoney and Mike Henry

For Mahoney, that’s 1962’s Tarzan Goes to India and 1963’s Tarzan’s Three Challenges. He may have been a fine father to actress Sally Field, but he makes for one dull Tarzan. This pair of adventures is notable for getting the character out of Africa and into Asia, yet only the latter sojourn is worth watching

Wake in Fright

Gary Bond (Zulu) works wonders as John Grant, the only teacher in the Australian desert town of Tiboonda, where the tiny, single-room schoolhouse is surrounded by sand and dust. On Christmas break, Grant heads for Sydney, but must spend a night in Bundanyabba before catching a flight the next morning. At least that’s the plan.

The Ice House

The corpse is located in the titular locale on the grounds of an opulent estate occupied by three women whom the townspeople refer to as “the butch beauties of Streech Grange.” The home is owned by Phoebe Maybury (Penny Downie, Invictus), whose husband disappeared a decade earlier — a case that remains unsolved. She lives

Best of Bond … James Bond: 50 Years — 50 Tracks

With Skyfall landing in theaters Nov. 9, this season is no different … except that Capitol Records’ Best of Bond … James Bond has something else to celebrate: five full decades of the screen franchise. Therefore, this set throws in another disc’s worth of music that make it worth replacing the last disc you bought.

The Liquidator

Rod Taylor (The Birds, Hotel) is Boysie Oakes, a mistaken wartime hero with a silly name, whom the Secret Service hires as an assassin. The joke is that not only does Oakes not want to become Agent L, but he doesn’t have the stomach to harm a fly. “No more romping around the mulberry bush:

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