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On the road again

Initially discussed in 1996 as part of the Interstate 40 crosstown relocation, the would-be boulevard could take shape as a landscaped, four-lane, tree-lined gateway into and out of the downtown area, if city officials have their way. Oklahoma City Council recommended to ODOT — the agency responsible for the project — a boulevard option that

The road not taken

In contradistinction, the relegation of decision-making to a small number of policymakers with homogeneous thought processes and goals risks error.InI The Ikea Effect in Business states that one who is responsible and emotionally invested in the creation of an idea will be more likely to resist the alteration or rejection of the idea even if

Road to a vote

Credit: Mark Hancock However, at least one group, Friends for a Better Boulevard (FBB), opposes the idea and will continue to request that the council consider a “no build” option. The boulevard is set to be built in the old Interstate 40 crosstown right of way. The project, headed by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Boulevard of broken dreams?

Their rationale is that our vibrant arts community has limited area for expansion; making it unlikely that it could develop in Bricktown or the much-beloved Paseo District. The center of interest for a “new Santa Fe” is in the Market District with the Farmers Public Market as the hub. There is ample room for art

Painting the town Greg

The rare detail in this specific print is that, on the building, you can spot a campaign sign for the late David Hood’s unsuccessful congressional bid in 1980. The inclusion of Hood’s sign was once a puzzling detail: “David who?” These days, it’s the name on the milk bottle that might inspire confusion: “Shouldn’t that

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