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The Sooner seen

Oklahoma’s long and abiding love affair with the movies dates back nearly to the dawn of cinema itself. Will Rogers was the biggest movie star of his day, and fellow Oklahomans like Tom Mix and Gene Autry weren’t far behind. Cimarron, which depicted the 1889 Land Run, was one of the earliest Oscar winners for

The Tree of Life

The latest work from notoriously deliberative writer/director Terrence Malick (“The New World”) is, by turns, ambitious and audacious, bold and bewildering. Not many pictures are so adventurous, pretentious and/or flatout ballsy — take your pick — as to interrupt its principal story to reveal the origin of the cosmos, but “Tree” does just that. It


The studio’s latest been-there-done-that computer-generated cash cow is “Megamind.” Like the “Shrek” franchise, it features a bad guy who isn’t a villain so much as a misunderstood lug. Like the “Madagascar” movies, it often confuses wit with frenetic montages in which creatures dance, dance, dance. Like “Monsters vs. Aliens,” it offers characters only as memorable

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