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DNA will not be taken from suspects

The author, Rep. Lee Denney, R-Stillwater, said the addition to the law enforcement database would help solve cold cases. The House was like, “Whatevs,” and killed it with a vote of 51-35, the Associated Press reported. There were emotional pleas from both sides of the aisle about unsolved murders, catching repeat offenders and preventing further

The cancer cure

Last fall marked the start of a Phase 1 clinical trial at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, a culmination of work from its researchers on a compound named OKN-007, which has shown marked success in animal trials. The story behind the drug has the makings of good fiction: a family tragedy, an intrepid optimist and several

Search and destroy

Life on the road isn’t glamorous, but it’s what Todd Jackson and Levi Watson — the two heads behind Oklahoma City hard rock outfit Brother Gruesome — crave and work for. The duo has made a point to steadily tour outside state borders since forming in 2009, ditching creature comforts in favor of the humblest

Reality bites

Big Brother hopefuls By: Mark Hancock “We wanted to mix it up and get some fresh faces. We’d love to get someone from Oklahoma,” said Bonnie Clark, casting producer for Big Brother. “We’re looking for contestants who are outgoing, competitive — people comfortable in their own skin, whatever their points of view in life are,

CEOh, brother!

Illustration: Brad Gregg Most recently, SandRidge Energy CEO Tom Ward is facing possible unemployment thanks to TPG-Axon Capital and its takeover attempt. Ward has a few months to find gainful employment elsewhere, but it’s not so easy to scout out jobs for energy CEO. Well, there happens to be one such opening at Chesapeake Energy,

White flight

Photo: Diane White You’d be hard-pressed to find a more tightly knit band than White Mystery. Like Jeff the Brotherhood, but with one less Y chromosome, the Chicago garage-rock duo proves that the siblings who play together, stay together. “A brother and a sister, you kind of have this nurturing relationship,” singer and guitarist Alex

Cave in

“They say no news is good news,” sing The Caves, and given the six-year gap between the Kansas City, Mo., band’s loose formation and the release of its first record, Duplexiaville, maybe they’re right. The Caves find its players abandoning their earlier ties to harder rock, instead spending their lengthy off-season honing sweet harmonies, subtle

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXV

While none are classics, the four episodes collected here make for a terrific representation of the comedy series’ range, as our host (Joel Hodgson or Mike Nelson, depending on the ep) and his trusty robot friends rip bad movies a new one from the corner of your screen.  They can lampoon no-budget sci-fi (1986’s Robot

Bear necessities

It’s not uncommon for beloved bandleaders to spawn successful side projects. Jack White had The White Stripes and The Raconteurs. Maynard James Keenan had Tool and A Perfect Circle. Scott Weiland had Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver. Antonio Laster may not have been the front man before, but the bassist for Stillwater favorite Mayola

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