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Thunder players remain focused on Memphis as league reviews racist remarks

“We haven’t discussed it as a team, but everybody is pretty knowledgeable of the situation,” Russell Westbrook said following a Monday practice. Sterling, owner of the Clippers since 1981, was caught making racist remarks in an audio recording posted by TMZ and Deadspin. Sterling appears to disparage a female friend for posting photos of herself

Olympus Has Fallen

I’m talking about Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, just to be clear. In Antoine Fuqua’s Olympus Has Fallen, Aaron Eckhart grows angry and Morgan Freeman pulls strings from the sidelines, while a possibly crazy but altogether decent man dishes out some superheroic justice to save the city, yet the result is a terrible movie, arguably

aDD it up

“I try to balance drawing, graphic design and music. I use each to feed my creativity,” he said. “My first love was art. I’ve been drawing practically my whole life. That turned into a passion for graphic design. I really enjoy being able to express myself through art; it may be through words, pictures or

Lake Placid: The Final Chapter

I’m so kidding. However, it appears to pick up from where LP3 left off — I haven’t seen it — with crocodile hunter Reba (Yancy Butler, Shark Week) surviving a tussle with a giant croc … only to have it not be as dead as she first thought. “You again? You really wanna do this?”

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