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Comedy’s everyman Jim Gaffigan brings show to Riverwind Casino

Comedy’s everyman Jim Gaffigan brings show to Riverwind Casino

Jim Gaffigan’s show in Norman comes the day after the comic’s 50th birthday.

Let them eat king cake

Parishioner Jenifer Cameron, a New Orleans native, started baking king cakes at the church three years ago as a form of rehabilitation therapy after having seizures in 2009 and subsequent brain surgery, Rev. Jeannie Himes said. The seizures caused Cameron to lose some of her long- and short-term memory, but her intact baking skills are


While most of it is my fault, I like to take comfort in the idea that I was doomed from the get-go: • Blame a Depression-era father who forced me to clean my plate through shame and guilt.• Blame a public school free-lunch system that taught gravy as a food group.• Blame cable television for being so

OKG 7 sweet stops

When you need to indulge a craving, make it count by enjoying some of the metro’s tastiest treats. —Jenn Scott, photos by Shannon Cornman and Mark Hancock Custard factory 1000 e. alameda, Norman 360-6177 Order the custard cookie. Choose your frozen custard flavor, which will be smooshed between two cookies. Have your pick between double

Cake boss

Robert McKnight  Cake’s B-list status is not accidental. “The band formed not really wanting to be big, and we’ve actually succeeded at that. We never exploded onto the scene, as it were,” singer John McCrea said. “When things become really big, they become suspect.” Since breaking through in 1996 with the hit “The Distance,” Cake

Cake — Showroom of Compassion

If you don’t like Cake, you still won’t after “Showroom Of Compassion.” There’s nothing here that even tries to convince you otherwise. If you love Cake, though, this is the equivalent of John McCrea delivering a singing “thank you” and then giving you a hug. This album is magic (prolonged). By “fan’s album,” I mean

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