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Parents have many places to turn for youth-centered spring break events in the metro

Parents have many places to turn for youth-centered spring break events in the metro

Science Museum Oklahoma, Myriad Botanical Gardens, Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center and many more offer activities during the school break.

Flying high

Brent Weber first visited Camp Summit — a camp in North Texas for special needs people of all kinds — to visit his daughter who was volunteering there.  That was in 2008, and it started a “labor of love” project for Weber; he started filming footage with no concrete plans for it. Now, six years

Garden variety

The program started in 1978 at the Oklahoma County Extension office. Twenty-five years later, the purpose remains to disseminate horticultural information to the public. Now, even more folks can learn more about area trees, shrubs, irrigation, annuals and perennials thanks to expanded outreach. “We have several events scheduled throughout the year 2014 that will provide

Western Residents — Sunlit Nights

Western Residents are an anomaly in that their first release, the earnestly delivered and judiciously crafted Sunlit Nights, sounds like the musical equivalent of a tattered wool blazer. They wear it well. The Oklahoma City outfit has existed in some form or fashion for more than a decade, undergoing a bevy of name changes and

Bowled over

Photo: Kerry Amanda Myers Description defies Oklahoma City trio Bowlsey. With guitar, organ, synthesizers, rapping and singing all making their way into the mix, “music” is about the only apt descriptor for the sounds Bowlsey makes. “People will ask us what we think we sound like, and I honestly don’t know what to tell them,”

Them Hounds — Them Hounds

Given the parameters of what actually constitutes the blues, it’s easy to see why: There just aren’t that many variations of the genre’s 12-bar framework that retain that “bluesy feel.” Instead, its divergences usually come in the form of vocal variance and guitar solos, and Them Hounds thrive within these confines. Two things immediately jump

Superior sound

A five-piece of former “Motherbitches” gathered around its communal kitchen table on a Monday afternoon, indulging in stories of drunken fan squabbles, Oklahoma City’s finicky music scene and the romance that started it all six years ago. Now known as Em and the MotherSuperiors, the psychedelic soul outlet opted to drop “Motherbitches” from its name

Beau bridges

Beau Mansfield Photo: Kianoosh Moeini Beau Mansfield is a lot of things, but at his heart, he’s a piano man. The Norman native has toured in comedy improv groups, directed music for theatrical productions and become a momentary viral star in Holland, but at the core of everything is Mansfield’s lifelong love affair with the

John Moreland — In the Throes

He moves through the 10-song collection with The Boss’ swagger, too, effortlessly swaying between fully fleshed folk-rock anthems and quiet, dirt-road ditties. “Nobody Gives a Damn About Songs” anymore marries a lament of the loss of substance with an impossibly catchy — and classically American — melody. “Blacklist” is just as powerful in its heartbreak,

Progress in Color — Get Well

The trio has gone from emo poppers with New Wave underpinnings to the inverse, and it suits the band well, as evidenced by the slick Get Well EP. The cover of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” the quintessential post-punk ballad, is a good clue as to the direction in which Progress in Color

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