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Retirement quandary

If signed into law, new employees hired from Nov. 1, 2015 within the Oklahoma Public Employee Retirement System (OPERS) will use the contribution plan, basically a 401(k). Employees working before this date will continue on the existing definedbenefit pension. Teachers, firefighters, law enforcement officers and judges aren’t included in House Bill 2630, authored by Rep.

Up and away

The announcement came in a March 4 media release from Will Rogers World Airport. Airport officials, however, said it won’t be too many more years before the airport cannot add new flights or handle larger aircraft or even international flights with the airport’s current configuration and capacity. But airport officials have a plan. Mark Kranenburg

Engineering change

It’s no secret to Phil Hughes that he has little chance of being the next mayor of Oklahoma City. He has no website. With the primary less than a month away, he has done no fundraising. He has no campaign events planned, and he has no formal endorsements. But Hughes is a registered candidate and

DDRC approves Stage Center demolition

It was built in 1970 by renowned architect John Johansen, and opened as the Mummers Theatre. It served as a hub for arts and cultural events over the next decades, but a flood in 2010 forced its closure. With millions of dollars in estimated deferred maintenance and no party with the resources to save it,

Losing to win

But ultimately, none worked. “I didn’t lose any significant weight,” he said. Healthcare professionals regularly tout the same method for weight loss: balanced meals and exercise. But this advice is often ignored when fad diet advertising floods media, particularly in the new year. Oklahoma dietician Lacey Bixler considers these plans short-term solutions that typically fail

It’s covered

Shar McLaughlin, owner of Irish Green Lawn Care, has seven employees. She offers coverage to five full-time workers and is eager to see how these options compare with those available via the federally run health insurance marketplace, which opened for enrollment this month. “I will be reading everything I can get my hands on, but

Stuck in the middle

Shawn Spears and her son. Photo by Mark Hancock Between the Oklahoma County Election Board and Oklahoma Health Care Authority buildings, Shawn Spears, 24, works as a clerk at Langston University. She also studies psychology full time at Rose State College and plans to finish her bachelor’s at Langston. The student has a 5-year-old son

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