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Letters to the Editor: May 6, 2015

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Brent Bushey, director for the Oklahoma Public School Resource Center.  mh

Senate Bill 782 would expand charter school availability statewide

If Gov. Mary Fallin endorses Senate Bill 782, school districts outside Oklahoma City and Tulsa could open charter schools.

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News Briefs: OKC Mayor’s Development Roundtable, charter schools, bike laws and more

Senate Bill 68 would allow OKC and Tulsa to sponsor charter schools, but not everyone thinks it should be passed.

‘Local control’ in education

The same could be said about use of the term “local control” in relation to education policy. An appeal to “local control” is thrown around at the state Capitol nearly every time education legislation is proposed. Over the last few years, I have worked with other legislators to improve our state’s anti-bullying statute. But efforts

Counterpoint: Don’t pull that trigger

Sen. David Holt, who sponsored such legislation for Oklahoma, said he was partly inspired by Won’t Back Down. But whatever the film’s merits as entertainment, its rosy portrait of parent triggers mask major problems with the idea. Under his proposal, if a school is given a D or an F on the state’s A-F rating

At what price?

Janet Barresi Credit: Mark Hancock The study by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reports that inflation-adjusted per-pupil spending in the state decreased 20.3 percent from fiscal years 2008 to 2013. Alabama was second from the bottom, and Arizona had the biggest decrease. The study found Oklahoma spends $706 less per student now than

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