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Food Briefs: Rick Bayless, Barrios Fine Mexican Dishes, Empire Slice House and more

Oklahoman celebrity chef Rick Bayless wins Julia Child Award, Barrios Fine Mexican Dishes opens and Empire Slice House wins the Mark Costello Entrepreneurial Excellence in Oklahoma Award.

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Cover Story: The brunch bible: Your guide to metro brunch

Our ancestors figured out a simple equation: breakfast + lunch + a little booze = brunch.


OKG eat: kale yeah!

They say kale is a “superfood” … for now. But Superman used to smoke cigarettes, and things change. What we’re saying is, be sure to eat all the kale you can before it’s ruled a public health menace. Then you can join a class-action lawsuit and get rich off that sweet kale money. Secure your

Chicago Style at Humble Pie

OKG eat: gluten-free

Ah, the perils of working with special dietary needs. It can make dining out a pain. Luckily, with restaurateurs becoming more savvy to their diners’ needs, there are a bevy of places in OKC to satisfy your craving for the foods you love without losing taste. All choices this week have been road-tested by gluten-sensitive

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