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Chelsey Cope (Anna Lee / provided)

Indigo Fest music and camping festival promotes spiritual and environmental consciousness in eastern Oklahoma

The first-year festival runs Sept. 22-24 at Blue Doors at Tenkiller near Gore.

Cope skills

Photo: Anna Lee It only took one neglected guitar for Oklahoma City singer-songwriter Chelsey Cope to devote herself to music. “My older sister had this weird obsession with Garth Brooks when she was younger. She asked for a guitar to learn how to play, but she was gone all the time. She had a lot

Chelsey Cope — A Deeper Root

Much like Samantha Crain and Sherree Chamberlain, Cope’s voice and arrangements are both undeniably Southern, if tailored, sophisticated and modernized enough to avoid be cloyingly so. It’s just the right touch of twang, layered between airy indie harmonies and enchanting melodies. Wipe away everything but the voice and Cope is a dead ringer for Chan

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