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Oklahoma Democratic Party hires Native American liaison

Oklahoma Democratic Party hires Native American liaison

LaRenda Morgan is focused on building relations and strengthening Democratic engagement with tribes in the state.


Red Earth’s Treefest expands in its second year

Volunteers began hanging ornaments in October for the show.


The Of the Earth exhibit showcases Cherokee Nation’s relationship with the planet

“This was a place of reformation,” she explained. “Prisoners were taught trades and gardening so they could make a better life for themselves when they got out.”

Richard Ray Whitman received equal parts criticism and praise for his Street Chiefs series. | Photo provided

Richard Ray Whitman’s pursuit of art led him to activism

“We were always the subject matter,” Whitman said, “but never behind the camera. That’s where the artist has control; a more self-determined image can be created when you are behind the lens.”

Cultural preservation

The Cherokee National Supreme Court Museum will host part of a series of preservation workshops through June. Photo Provided The Cherokee Nation brings the conversation to the forefront by hosting a series of classes designed to educate and teach the proper way to protect and preserve historical artifacts like firearms, photos, documents and gravestones, as

Artful prairies

A visual and performance artist, as well as owner of Standing Buffalo Indian Art Gallery & Gifts, 106 E. Main in Norman, Farris has developed a unique signature style that blends American Indian culture with pop art. “I try to give a Native perspective to visual elements that people wouldn’t normally associate with American Indians,”

State of nations

Since before statehood in 1907, the area that would become Oklahoma has been deeply influenced by the American Indian tribes indigenous to the region or relocated to it by the U.S. government. The state is home to nearly 40 federally recognized tribes that are collectively one of the largest employers in Oklahoma. For some of

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