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Tina Jones

Crime victims, domestic violence groups, others advocate for Marsy’s Law

“Victims can be taken to court over and over, sometimes over a period of years,” Peery said. “The right to a speedy trial doesn’t happen for victims. … The process of the court just re-traumatizes victims.”

Maybe I’m corn-mazed

Credit: Brad Gregg The 35-acre corn maze at Reding Farm, which opens Sept. 28, is the largest in the state. This year it honors the OKC Thunder with images of the NBA Jumpman and Thunder logos, Durant’s No. 35 jersey, Rumble the Bison, a basketball and a hoop — just about everything except James Harden’s


Despite their lone, eponymous album release, the churning, heavy rockers known as Caravact boast a surprising wealth of original material. Toss a couple classic covers in with drawnout metallic jams and whatever else the band’s been working on lately, and you’ve got enough music to keep a crowd filled for an afternoon, as bassist/vocalist Nathan

What a tool

Oh, it’s a chain saw? Never mind. According to a KFOR-TV report, a man in Chickasha got caught trying to steal an Echo brand chain saw from Ross Seed Company by stuffing it down his britches. (No word if the chain was attached.) Anthony Darren Black, 21, is who police allege to be the pilferer

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