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Women need help, not prison

Many factors contribute to the high female incarceration rate. However, the root cause is one that makes for uncomfortable conversation: the fact that women and girls in our state are not treated well. Oklahoma has an inordinate number of girls who suffer abuse and other forms of trauma in childhood and then carry the symptoms

Wizard of health

Steve Leim works on the fruit bar at ASTEC. Credit: Mark Hancock Oz started the HealthCorps program in 2002 to help empower kids to make healthier lifestyle choices. The two-year program involves in-school placement of a peer-mentor coordinator who focuses part of the curriculum on nutrition, fitness, and mental resilience. ASTEC is the first in

American DREAM

Judith Huerta and Fredy Valenzia Photo: Mark Hancock The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program offers a two-year deferment of deportation proceedings to undocumented immigrants. Qualified applicants must have entered the country as children, stayed out of major legal trouble and received at least a GED or be currently enrolled as students, among other requirements.

Planting seeds

About 85 percent of a child’s brain architecture is developed by age 3, but less than 4 percent of education dollars are typically spent on children at that time, according to Oklahoma Champions for Early Opportunities, a new coalition of Oklahoma business and community leaders. That means increased emphasis on early childhood education is key

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