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Annual conference addresses sustainability issues for state

The Oklahoma Sustainability Network will paint the state green Friday and Saturday in an attempt to provide public awareness of the ecological issues facing Oklahoma. For this year’s annual conference ” its seventh ” OSN is moving beyond the fundamentals of sustainability to focus on some of the less obvious methods of environmental consciousness, such

Women’s a cappella group delivers musical valentines

For more than a decade, members of the Oklahoma City chapter of Sweet Adelines, an international women’s organization dedicated to four-part a cappella harmony  have called in sick to work on Feb. 14 and warmed up their vocal cords to serenade unsuspecting significant others at their homes and offices with singing valentines. “I think it

Survey measures individual’s impact on environment

An online survey from Earth Day Network attempts to determine an individual’s “ecological footprint,” the effect one person’s actions and routines have on the environment. “(The survey) takes a look at an individual’s consumption of resources, and it projects how much acreage would be devoted to producing those resources in a sustainable manner at that

Study examines improving OKC’s public transportation

By 2030, Oklahoma City could join the ranks of a handful of bustling U.S. cities with public transportation options if local officials follow the plan determined by the Fixed Guideway Study. The study identifies potential solutions for the transportation issues facing Oklahoma. Fully implemented, the plan would include:” improvements to the existing bus system, ”

Oklahoma’s sustainability conference to address state environmental issues

Thinking green is the theme for the sixth annual Oklahoma Sustainability Network Conference. A variety of topics ” ranging from agriculture and ethics to alternative energy and transportation ” will be discussed Friday and Saturday when the Oklahoma Sustainability Network and Sustainable OKC host the conference at the National Weather Center, 120 David L. Boren

Filling car with alternative fuel almost impossible in OKC

According to a 2006 purchasing guide released by the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition, there are only two public pumps in Oklahoma City where consumers can purchase E85, a blend of fuel containing 85 percent corn-distilled ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. The only other public consumption pump in the state is in Seminole. Several workshops will

Gay/lesbian group to hold summit in OKC

Cimarron Alliance Foundation, a local organization formed to focus on issues facing gays and lesbians in Oklahoma City, will host a summit Saturday at the Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library, 300 Park Ave. Cimarron Alliance Chairman Richard Ogden said The Oklahoma Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Leadership Summit is about, “first of all, educating our own

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